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Try not to hate camping so much

Jim Gaffigan once joked that the happiest person in the campground is the guy leaving to go home. I am sure many people would say that either jokingly or seriously. What I am wondering, though, is why that is even a thing. I get that some people just do not like being in the outdoors, but wouldn't they like the outdoors a bit more if camping was easier to do?

Set up your tent in no time

Let's start with the tent. Our nylon tent we used to go camping with took us about 30 minutes to set up. Nylon tents generally have a couple of things in common. 1, they have a zillion poles. And 3, they require a lot of finagling to set up. Let's take a look at each of these things.

Our nylon tent had 2 large poles that made up the main cabin of the tent, 2 poles for the side wings, 2 poles for the vestibule awning area, 2 poles for the doorway, and 1 more pole for the rain fly. Besides the ridiculously large quantities of poles, each pole was made up of 6 to 14 mini sections that needed to be assembled before you could even insert the poles into their respective sleeves. This means you are assembling and maneuvering upwards of 100 sections of poles to get the tent set up. Compare this to a flex-bow Kodiak tent, which has 4 poles for the tent and 2 for the awning, with a total of 10 sections to maneuver. You can see why Kodiak tents are so much quicker to set up.

Because there are a zillion poles and pole segments, and because these poles have to go in a very specific way these nylon tents require a lot of maneuvering. Have you ever run into this: you assemble a couple of 20 foot poles made up for 20 different segments and then you have to ram it through a sleeve across the top the then, but you just cannot get it to go in smoothly? Pole segment after pole segment gets caught on the sleeve as it enters. If you are lucky, you may be able to set up this tent 10 to 15 times before you eventually ram that roof pole through the sleeve and start the slow process of ripping up the sleeve. However, you may get just the right tent that has the pole rammed in just the right location at just the right strength to immediately puncture the sleeve before you even get to your first camping trip. Sound familiar?

Well, as you can see, while you assemble these poles, try to stuff them through the sleeves, and do all other parts of finagling to get your tent set up, your kids have gone crazy and either hurt themselves or started a wildfire. It is no wonder Jim Gaffigan teased about the happiest camper being the one that is going home. But, it does not have to be that way. We started using the 6041VX Kodiak tent on our family camping trips a couple of years ago. We often will go with other extended family. Without fail, our tent is always up within 10 minutes and had all of our gear loaded into the tent before our other family members had their tent set up. While their kids are going crazy, we are enjoying the outdoors together. Now, while you likely will only set up your tent once while you are camping, why not get your camping trip started off quickly, with minimal stress? By the way, take down of Kodiak tents is equally fast and easy as the set up. My family is typically packed up and ready to go home while the other families are still carrying their sleeping bags to the car.



Date 6/2/2018

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