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Who Manufacturers Silverback Basketball Hoops?

Silverback Basketball Hoops Model B5402WSilverback basketball systems are from the same manufacturer asGoalrilla basketball hoops. The Silverback Basketball Hoops line caters to a cheaper price range, but features many of the same general design features as the Goalrilla line. Silverback In-ground basketball systems are for major players. Sturdy, durable and prostyle functions make this basketball system the players selection. Silverback basketball systems incorporate quality elements with playability, making this basketball unit the player's choice. In the Silverback basketball hoop line, there are two models currently available - the B5402W and the B5400W. We will briefly explore the differences between these two basketball systems.

Basketball Backboard Size

The first major difference is in the backboard width. The B5400W has a 54-inch width. The B5402W has a 60-inch width. As a frame of reference, regulation-sized backboards are 72-inches wide; thus, the B5402W gets you the closest to the regulation size for backboards. Both are made of tempered of the same thickness. So, the only thing in the backboard that is being upgraded between the two models is the backboard width.

Basketball Pole Structure.

Both of these Silverback systems have a 4x4 steel pole. However, the B5402W is very different from the B5400W in how it mounts in the ground. The B5402W uses an anchor mount, much like the Goalrilla line does. Whereas the B5400W has the lower portion of the pole cemented into the ground. The anchor system amounts to an anchor plate with 4 long J-bolts that dip down in the cement to secure the system.All other parts of the two Silverback Basketball Hoops are the same.


This basketball systems includes a 7-year factory warranty through the manufacturer, Escalade Sports.

View YouTube Video "Goaliath and Silverback Two Piece Inground Swedge Pole Assembly Instruction Guide"
"Goaliath and Silverback Two Piece Inground Swedge Pole Assembly Instruction Guide. "


Product Description:
Silverback SB-60 In-Ground Basketball System with 60-Inch Aluminum Framed Tempered Glass Backboard The Silverback SB-60 is the best hoop from Silverback. Featuring a 60 inch tempered glass backboard with a full perimeter aluminum frame - this hoop will not disappoint. Silverback glass backboards perform just like professional goals with true and consistent rebounds.

Product Description:
If you want to keep playing after the sun goes down, you need the Goalrilla Deluxe Basketball Hoop Light to brighten your court. These two 500 Watt Halogen basketball hoop lights are specifically engineered to give you enough illumination to pass, shoot, and dribble through the night, without ever blinding you when you look up for a shot. Its the perfect light for anyone who doesn't want the end of the day to mean the end of the game.

Product Description:
The Spalding Official NBA Street Outdoor Rubber 29.5 Men's Basketball is designed for competitive outdoor street play! This durable size 7 basketball features a performance outdoor rubber cover with a wide channel design for incredible grip and feel. Official NBA size and weight.

Product Description:
Create a regulation court on your driveway; layout lane, free-throw line and 3 point arc; uses patented measuring device; sports chalk stands up to competitive play; includes NBA logo stencil

What are your thoughts of the Silverback Inground Basketball System?


sarah evanston

Date 12/19/2013

These things are tough! I have never seen a basketball backboard system that is as strong and durable as Silverback's. We (I) even ran into it with our car and it didn't move, not even a little bit!


Date 3/3/2014

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Date 3/3/2014

We suggest contacting MySpace technical support.


Date 4/25/2014

I gotta bookmark this web site it seems really valuable.


Date 4/25/2014

Glad you find it valuable.

Scott Higgs

Date 1/17/2017

We recently purchased a silverback goal and we were missing the actuator decal that indicates the height of the goal. Can we purchase through you?

Annie Van Der Zwaag

Date 7/14/2017

We have a silverback model number B5404. My son shattered the glass in the backboard. Where can we purchase a new backboard?

Jesse Epperson

Date 5/2/2019 7:06:00 PM

I need a backboard too...


Date 5/3/2018 4:49:00 PM

Did you ever get an answer? I have same question.


Date 5/8/2019

I need a backboard as well.


Date 5/9/2019 7:17:00 AM

You will want to contact Escalade - tel 800-467-1421


Date 5/3/2020

I am looking for a roof mount system for my silver back backboard with tempered glass 54" model number.

Charlotte Simmons

Date 5/5/2020

The rim is badly bent. Need a new rim. Where can I order from?

Charlotte Simmons

Date 5/5/2020

The rim is badly bent. Need a new rim. Where can I order from?

Elisabeth Winebrenner

Date 3/6/2022

The adjustment handle has broken and I cannot adjust the basketball hoop. How do I fix it? It's four months old.

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