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Spalding 54-Inch Glass Portable Basketball Hoop (Model 71454A)
Spalding 54-Inch Glass Portable Basketball Hoop (Model 71454A)

Spalding 54-Inch Glass Portable Basketball Hoop (Model 71454A)

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54" Glass Board
Adjustable 7.5 - 10
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Spalding 71454A Ultimate 54 inch Glass Backboard Portable Basketball Goal

Spalding and Huffy have been providing high-quality residential basketball systems for decades. The Ultimate Spalding portable basketball hoop builds on that legacy. The 71454A features a 54 inch wide glass backboard, a 4 inch round pole, 1/4 inch thick glass material, and a large storage base that can hold up to 200-lbs. of sand. Factory warranty included from Spalding. Order your portable basketball hoops here.

Spalding 71454A Portable Basketball System Features and Specs:


  • Tempered glass backboard.
  • Height-adjustable backboard using the Screw Jack system.
  • Backboard supported with steel frame.
  • Base with wheels for transporting the system.
  • Arena Slam breakaway rim with spring-back action.
  • Backboard pad included.
  • Includes the factory warranty from Spalding.


  • Backboard dimensions: 54 inches W x 34 inches H.
  • Tempered glass thickness: 1/4 inch.
  • Base can fill up with up to 200-lbs. of sand.
  • System weight (w/0 base filled): about 154 lbs.


Q: Is this available?......If so how soon would it ship after purchasing? Thanks!!
Asked by: Brian - 4/12/2020
A: Shipping typically takes 1-5 business days depending on your location; however, the Spalding Warehouse was Mandated to Shut down by local Authorities due to COVID. They are currently hoping to re-open the beginning of May.
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Answer provided by:  Admin (4/16/2020)
Q: If I were to purchase this product who do you recommend to put put it put it together? Do you have or recommend an installer.
Asked by: KRIS - 4/4/2020
A: We have a list of installers here We also recommend finding a local handyman through mobile apps like:Takl, Angieslist, and HomeadvisorWe have also found that customers are far more successful at getting more competitive local assembly/installation rates if you join a local FaceBook classifieds group and create a post like, "Looking for a licensed and insured handyman to assembly my ......." You are likely to get several competitive bids eliminating the middle man
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Answer provided by:  Admin (4/4/2020)
Q: I am also trying to compare Spalding Model 68454 with 71454A, does the angled pole provide better stability or offset from the base? Or does the 4" steel pole and (what appears to be) wider supports on the Spalding Model 68454 provide a sturdier platform? If they are all the same, then why does the 71454A cost more?
Asked by: M. W. - 10/29/2017
A: Without question 68454 is the more stable of the two. However, it is currently out of stock until the end of November. The pricing on it is simply better, because there is a better promotion right now.
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Answer provided by:  Customer Service (10/30/2017)
A: I contacted Spalding customer support and asked them about the 71454A vs 68454. They stated the basketball backboard and rim are the same with the 2 units.The difference being the base and positioning of the pole. The 71454A is at an angle while the 68454 is straight vertical. The size of the poles are the same for both units.The 71454A has 4 inch round vs the 68454 has a 4 inch square. The CSR mentioned that the 68454 may be more unstable since it is completely vertical it may be prone to tipping than the 71454A. The main reason the 71454 is more attractive is that it can become more mobile if needed. You can fill the tank with water and remove the rocks or sands that are in bags in the above compartment to move the unit. One thing I noticed is the 71454 is a newer design and listed in the 2018 catalog while the 68454 is not listed. The 71454 is the closest I can find to the The Beast without spending the $1K+ for that goal. I personally ended up going with the 71454A and will post a review once its installed and tested.
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Answer provided by:  TheEngineer (3/20/2018)
Q: I'm trying to decide which Basketball system to buy between the Spalding 71454a Hybrid base with 4 inch round pole which is a slanted pole or Spalding 68454 system with 4 inch Square pole and is upright. They are both priced very close which you factor in shipping on the 68454 model ($690.). Shipping is fee on the 71454A Model. Least amount of rim movement is desired ?
Asked by: Mike B. - 8/9/2017
A: They both have the same rim, but the 68454 is more popular and ordered most often, but it also runs out of stock more quickly.
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Answer provided by:  Admin (8/12/2017)
Q: Since the Spalding 68454 is 190 lbs and the Spalding 71454A is only 153 lbs does this mean the heavier one is of a better grade of steel ? Should this weight difference matter ?
Asked by: Mike B. - 8/9/2017
A: The weight difference is just due to the different pole shapes, the steel grade is the same.
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Answer provided by:  Admin (8/12/2017)
Q: Hi - do you have this in stock? If so, what is the major difference between the Spalding SKU:74560 other than the 54 vs. 60 inch glass backboard? Thanks in advance. Josh
Asked by: Josh - 7/16/2017
A: Yes, it is currently in stock. Besides the size of the backboard model 74560 also has a 5 inch square pole vs. a 4 inch round pole
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Answer provided by:  Customer Service (7/17/2017)
Q: I need a system that is portable. When not in use, I need to store it in our garage. Is there a way to determine the weight of the system when tipped down (above my head), to determine the difficulty of moving? Or is there a weight advantage in going with Acrylic version? Thank you!
Asked by: T P J - 3/23/2016
A: This is very difficult to move, because of the size. The only way to move it is to remove half of the weight from the base and then tilted forward. It is not very convenient. This goal is portable in the sense that it is not permanent, but it is not designed to be moved each time you use it from the garage to the street or driveway. It would become quite the pain for you. A smaller model might be more convenient, but even on the intermediate models you have to drain half of the water to tilted onto the wheels-then you move in place, then you add water.
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Answer provided by:  Customer Service (3/23/2016)
A: Thank you. Yes, that is why I was interested in the hybrid base, to make the moving easier each time versus draining water. With that being said in regards to mobility, is there any advantage, in terms of lesser weight, in going with the acrylic?
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Answer provided by:  T P J (3/23/2016)
Q: Why does the base have 2 pieces?
Asked by: Customer - 3/3/2016
A: Being 2 pieces allows you to add both sand and water-extra weight basically.
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Answer provided by:  Customer Service (3/3/2016)

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Delivery Details: This product ships directly from the factory in Alexander City, AL. Delivery of this product is via a curbside delivery through an LTL carrier (too big for UPS and FedEx). The customer must be present to sign for the order. The freight carrier is instructed to contact you prior to delivery to set up a delivery appointment.
Signing for the Package: When signing for the delivery it is important to note any damage. Damage is extremely rare. We package these to travel both domestically and internationally. However, sometimes the packaging may be slightly damaged, but you may not be sure whether something inside is damaged. In such a case it is a good idea to sign for it and have the driver note it as such. You can still accept delivery. Call or email us with any questions.
Local Pickup Option: This item is available for local pickup in Alexander City, AL. If you are interested in picking it up locally contact our customer service for a special pickup quote at 866-308-5484.

UPC: 689344356846

Packaging Specs
Weight: 245 lbs
Dimensions: 56" x 38" x 16"
California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

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