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What replacement parts for my Spalding basketball system can be purchased retail?

When replacing parts on your basketball system, the only items you will find retail are backboards and rims. If you are needing parts such as individual hardware pieces, a pole, or the height-adjusting components you will need to contact Spalding's customer service directly for those. They can be reached at 1-800-558-5234.

"I want to replace my backboard or rim or both on my Spalding basketball hoop."

If this describes you, your first stop will also need to be with Spalding's customer service. In some cases, retailed backboards and rims are totally fine to use with an existing Spalding or Huffy system; other times they are not. The only place to determine compatible parts for your system is through Spalding's customer service. If you do notice a particular backboard at a retail location, you can even ask Spalding if that particular backboard will work with your system. For example, a common backboard and rim system our customers are interested in is the Spalding 79564 backboard and rim combo. If you were interested in using this as your replacement backboard, you can contact Spalding's customer service and ask them about that specific model number and they can confirm with you if it will work.

"But, what if the part I am seeing online looks the same as the one I have at home?"

While parts may look the same, their are many possible differences that are not visible on an online photo that can make parts not compatible. The only place you can go to know for sure what items will work for your system is contacting Spalding's customer service.

"Will a Spalding backboard work with a Huffy basketball system?"

Spalding and Huffy were once different companies, but now are the same. Most products that had the Huffy brand name are now gone for good. However, Spalding backboards and rims can still work with some older Huffy systems. You will need to contact Spalding first, though, to confirm which models, if any, are compatible with your basketball system.

Once you have figured out what models you are needing, give us a call. We can help direct you the part you are needing.

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