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What is the VX Series Kodiak Canvas Tent?The VX series Kodiak Canvas tent comes in two models. The models are 6011 and 6041. Sometimes you see VX behind the model number. The VX is simply to help differentiate the model numbers.Why was the VX model designed?We have a lot of customers who use our tents. These customers go camping in all sorts of conditions and on all sorts of terrain. The Burning Man competition in the desert takes place once a year under very hot and rough conditions. We've sold so many tents to people who attend the Burning Man event and received many questions as to whether there is a tent that has more ventilation. Canvas can get hot. That's one of the good and bad things about a canvas tent. The more ventilation in the desert-the more happy the customer.Who sells the VX tent?The VX was designed specifically for Competitive Edge Products, Inc. with desert camping in mind. Camping in the desert can leave you susceptible as sand blows in with the wind. The no seeum mesh is on every window and can keep out most of the fine dust particles. Many people who camp in the desert and purchase the Kodiak tent will also put some type of an awning over the tent to minimize the heat from the sun. Each year we get many customers referred to us who first saw that model at the burning man event. We continue to be the exclusive seller of the VX tent and we feel that it is perfect for any condition. The extra ventilation can be nice in camping other than the desert.Kodiak Deluxe Canvas Tent Overview Video6011 and 6041Deluxe Kodiak Canvas Tent - VX Series 10 x 10 With Tarp (6011vx & 0510) 6011 Deluxe Kodiak 6 person 10x10 Canvas tent with side screens. Free shipping and volume discounts available. Deluxe Kodiak Canvas Tent 6041VX 10x14 (with tarp 6043) Introduced to the market Fall 2012 due to popular demand. 6041 Deluxe Kodiak 8 person 10x14 Canvas tent with side screens. Free shipping and volume discounts available.


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Date 5/17/2014

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