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Top 5 Benefits of Playing Basketball

Top 5 Benefits of Playing Basketball

There are lots of reasons that about 450 million people from all over the world play basketball. But, I've been inspired by this sport when I came to know that the former U. S. president Barack Obama loves to play basketball on a regular basis because of its health benefits. Moreover, participating in a basketball team is a fun way to make new friends,improve teamwork skills and also develop your ability to make decisions indifferent environments. Another amazing fact of basketball is that it can be played as a competitive sport and you can enjoy it in your own backyard or driveway as a casual game. Wherever you play basketball, you'll experience a wide range of benefits if you play regularly. Here's a list of 5 big benefits of playing basketball.

Benefits of Playing Basketball:

  • Easy to Play
  • Social Skills
  • Physical Improvement
  • Mental Development
  • Enhances Confidence

Easy to Play:

Who doesn't love the easiest way of doing anything? You know, its very easy to play basketball, and that's why this is the second most popular sport in the United States. Here, the benefit of playing basketball is that you wont have to spend a lot of your valuable time on learning the rules; because its easy to play, you wont have to pass hours after hours on improving the skills because its easy to play and the best part is that you wont have to break the bank because it requires minimal equipment to be played. Basketball is actually such an easy sport that you can play it all year round and almost in all weather.

Anyone can play basketball even in their own house if they have only a ball, a basketball hoop and court marker. Unlike football, you wont need any large open field to play this sport. Even a two car driveway is enough to let you play basketball. But, there's only one point where you may become confused. The confusing point is that there are 3 types of basketball hoop. These are, portable, in ground and wall/roof mount. But, don't worry, as this sport is easy to play, we've also make it easy for you to choose a suitable hoop for your driveway. Feel free to have a look at our easy guide on basketball goals here,if you also love basketball and would like to buy a hoop now.

 Social Skills:

Another benefit of playing basketball is that it helps to improve social skills. Like all other team sports, it teaches you to obey the captain,respect the coach and build the relationships with one another. You'll get plenty of opportunities for conversation which ultimately fastens social ties. Interactions with other teams, participation in the various matches, understanding the other players of your own team, these are really very effective for improving social skills.

 Physical Improvement:

Not only social skills, but playing basketball can also improve your physical skills and body fitness. Basketball is very effective for improving endurance, hand eye coordination and agility. This is a game in which players have to remain busy in running, jumping and shooting, and as you know, how much these activities are essential to keep you healthy and fit.

The most amazing benefit of playing basketball is that it can burn your fat. If you want to lose your weight and have become reluctant to hit the gym, then this sport can be the fun way to lose your weight. Most of the time, gym goers become reluctant when they don't see any improvement even after months, and they become completely demotivated. But, if you play basketball just for the entertainment, it'll burn your fat and get you in great shape as a bonus.

Mental Development:

As you know, basketball is a fast paced game. Players always have to observe opponents movements, keep eyes on the team mates, make decisions to pass or shoot the ball, break the defenses to make points and so on. You also will have to do the same thing if you play basketball and practice, it will improve your mental ability to dominate the court and handle the ball in a better way.

Moreover, physical activity ensures the refreshment of your mind. As, playing basketball compels you to secrete your sweat, so it also keeps your mind far away from depression and stress, and brings mental tranquility. This sport is also very effective to help you avoid getting possessed by negative thoughts. Actually, playing basketball is a natural mood lifter which keeps you happy all the time.

Enhances Confidence:

Confidence is a must in order to prosper in life which comes from repeatedly doing the same thing in the right way. If you play this game, you'll learn how to shoot the ball, and then you'll practice it hundreds of times. This way, you'll get confidence to dunk the ball whenever you wish. This will not only improve your confidence in shooting the ball, but it will also make you a real confident person to take any decision and overcome any challenge in your life. You'll be happy to know that this fact has been proven from research done by Dr. Daniel Gopher of the International Ergonomics Association. The research shows that the attentional control skills that you learn while playing basketball can even make you confident to take quick decisions on the job and in other real-life situations.

There are lots of other benefits of playing basketball. It improves your bone density, increases physical strength,builds muscles, teaches strategy and increases the height of the kids. I hope this little effort will convince you to consider playing basketball, and you're welcome to our Basketball Store to check out the competitive price, quality and our customer reviews.



Date 6/2/2018

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