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22804 Classic Commercial Lifetime Folding Chair, White Granite with Gray FrameLifetime Products has been manufacturing plastic folding chairs for more than 10 years now. The original Lifetime chair model has changed very little from the beginning until now, with typically nothing more than cosmetic differences like color and molding. However, since the beginning of production of these chairs, Lifetime Products has also developed several other designs for their chairs. We will be looking at the differences between all of these models in this article. The most common Lifetime folding chair today is their tradition, dome-backed chair. These chairs are easily identifiable because of their arched back that looks like the cross-section of a dome. The tubing was once round, but has since changed to an oval shape. The frame color has also changed from a gray color to a charcoal color. Frequently, these chairs are marketed as a "Commercial Grade" folding chair. These chairs will also carry a 10 year warranty. The original Lifetime chair of this design was only available in white. Today, these chairs can be found in white, almond, black, and putty colors. The next most common Lifetime chair is actually very comparable to the commercial grade chair. This other, dome-backed Lifetime folding chair is frequently marketed as a "light-duty" chair. Light duty, in this case, refers to a lighter-duty folding frame, which translates into a shorter warranty period: 2 years. This chair is infrequently found in stores. You are more likely to find this chair on the internet. This chair is also almost entirely indistinguishable from the commercial duty chair on initial comparison, so pay attention to the details of the product description. This chair is available in white only. Comparable to this chair was the now discontinued Accent model from Lifetime Products. The Accent chair model was also a cheaper chair like the light-duty chair now. It had a smaller seat and back and a weaker folding frame. If you have this Lifetime folding chair, Lifetime Products no longer supports it. It had a 2-year warranty period and has now been discontinued for 3 years. Lifetime used this model as a takeoff point for their Contemporary chair model. The contemporary Lifetime folding chair model is immediately distinguished from the other chairs already mentioned by it square shape. The back is more square and the seat is more square. While the chair might still look like a watered-down version of the commercial grade chair already mentioned, the contemporary chair actually maintains the same structural strength and the commercial grade model, which is also reflected in the 10-year warranty. This chair is available on Almond only. Lastly, we deviate entirely from the traditional, 4-leg folding chair design for Lifetime Products loop-leg chair design. When we say loop-leg, we mean just that; the legs loop together. The front and back legs are connected with a steel loop. Typically, these chairs are not found in retail store locations because of their unusual need. These types of chairs are available in white and almond colors.

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