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Understanding Lifetime Shed Wind and Snow Load Ratings on 8', 15', and 11' Sheds by Lifetime Products, Inc

Lifetime sheds basically come in 3 styles.  There's a front-entry where the door is on the narrow side such as an 8x10.  Second, is a side-entry where the door is on the longer side such as a 10x8.  The third includes Lifetime's 11' sheds which come in 11x11, 11x13.5, 11x16, and so forth.

Do you really need a snow load kit or a wind kit?  Probably not. 

If your shed is anchored to a concrete base (or a second best option of a wooden base), then you are not likely to run into issues that are caused by wind.  I say that with some hesitation though assuming the reader understands that hurricanes, tornados, and monsoon winds, can destroy anything in its path. 

My emphasis in this blog article is to the average person who may be threatened by such winds, but when they are once every few decades - who knows with the crazy earth weather happening lately though.  If you live in hurricane zones you likely realize hurricane winds can and might take this or any shed out.  We do carry wooden sheds that have a much higher wind rating, but lacks the ease of the owner assembling it themselves. 

Most Lifetime sheds are made in Utah.  They are tested in Utah.  They can withstand harsh winds that Utah is prone to in the early Spring and Fall without extreme weather kits.  Lifetime's own blog here illustrates that.  On a day when gusts reach 100mph, there were still Lifetime sheds standing. With that in mind, there are extreme weather kits and snow load kits that work on most Lifetime sheds increasing the wind rating and snow rating per the chart below.  Please note the exceptions.

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