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Shalane at Lifetime recently shared an experience she had with a 4-Foot Fold in Half Table (craft table) by Lifetime. She tells how she recently acquired a Lifetime 4-Foot Fold-In-Half Table 80218 for her very own individual usage. Competitive Edge Products, Inc. also carries the 4428 version here. She resides in a fairly small apartment, so space is restricted for her at times. A 4-Foot Table was a perfect fit for her since it has an amazing fold-in-half layout that enables her to keep it in her small wardrobe. It is likewise very simple to set up and work with when she wishes to. An additional neat attribute is the flexible elevation layout which enables her to increase and decrease the table to whatever height is most effective for her job or task at hand. And even though it is a very lightweight style, she also loves the assist handle that allows her to carry it around her location.View YouTube Video "Lifetime's Fold-in-Half Table Tutorial""Lifetime's Fold-in-Half Table Tutorial explains the innovative design behind these convenient tables. To open and close a Lifetime Fold-In-Half table, the table... "Well, she discovered that her sister-in-law is expectant and is having a child - a boy! She is very thrilled and decided that she wanted to make her a child cover quilt. So far her task is working very well - thanks to her Lifetime table! She does not have area for a pointed out craft location where she can keep her stitching unit out at all times, so thankfully, her 4-Foot Fold-In-Half Table has been the best craft option for her task! It offers the perfect amount of added room she needs to fit her stitching machine, patchwork blocks, and other products she needs while she work on her project. If you need such an useful small craft table like she does - see that the Lifetime fold-in-half table is readily available per below.

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Lifetime Adjustable Leg Table 80160 4-foot White Plastic Top Free shipping to the lower 48 States for the 80160 4-foot White Lifetime adjustable table. Low price guarantee on all Lifetime folding tables. Lifetime Adjustable Leg Table - 4428 White 4 foot Fold-in-Half Folding Table Lifetime table 4428 white granite 4 foot length with fold in half top. Fold in half Lifetime folding table made with lightweight plastic and a steel frame.

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[amazonjs asin="B003DYZQKY" locale="US" title="Lifetime 80160 4-Foot Commercial Adjustable Height Folding Table, White Granite Tabletop with Gray Frame"]Product Description: Lifetime 4 foot commercial adjustable height folding tables are constructed of high-density polyethylene and have three adjustable height settings; 22-inch, 29-inch and 36-inch. They will not crack, chip or peel, and are built for indoor and outdoor use. The patented steel frame design provides a sturdy foundation and is protected with a powder-coated, weather-resistant finish. Backed by a ten-year warranty, lifetime adjustable height tables are perfect for your home, office outdoor activities and more.

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