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Found a portable goal, but need replacement parts or a complete new system? We carry every Lifetime and Spalding model with a few exceptions. If you don't see your model give us a ring and we'll get you taken care of.

Hard-to-Find Lifetime Youth Goals:
Model 90145 is currently in the works with a release date potentially sometime in the fall of 2016. Model number 90044 is identical to model 90022, but simply has different international packaging. The product is the same in every way. Model 90644 is also the same as model 90022, but does have different color graphics and is also sold internationally only. Fortunately, we have youth goals. Youth & Toddler Goals

Hard-to-Find Lifetime 44" Portable Basketball Goals:
Many of these model numbers below are international models for exclusive to a particular dealer. Check out 44" Backboards we have the complete Lifetime and Spalding line.
Model 90008 is sold internationally only and not in the United States. The closest model to 90008 is Lifetime's model 1268.
Model 90588 is also sold internationally and its closest counterpart is model 1268.
Model 90670 is exclusive to Walmart, but we have a model 90171 or model 90268.
Model 90519 this sold internationally only in the closest US model is 90171 or model 1268.
Model 90488 is only sold internationally, but it is identical to model 1263 sold in Walmart. Our closest is 1268.
Model 90520 is only sold internationally, but it is the same as model 1221 with different packaging.
Model 90204 was a black Friday item only sold at Walmart. It is similar to model 1269.
Model 90690 and model 90689 are projected to come out this spring with colored base options. More details to come.
Model 90033 is exclusive to Dick's Sporting Goods, but the closest model is 90023.

Hard-to-Find Lifetime 48" Portable Basketball Goals:
Model 90491 is a Walmart exclusive in-store product and our closest model is 51550.
Model 90585 is also a Walmart exclusive product with our closest model being 51550.
Model 90489 and 90078 our international models with the closest the US model being 1531.
See all our 48" Backboards Portable Goals.

Hard-to-Find Lifetime 50" Portable Basketball Goals:
90492 is exclusive to Dick's Sporting Goods. 51544 is our equivalent model.
90678 is being manufactured later this year 2016 so stay tuned.
See all our 50" Backboards Portable Goals.

Hard-to-Find Lifetime 54" Portable Basketball Goals:
90487 is exclusive to Dick's Sporting Goods. 71522 is our equivalent model.
90682 is in the works. Later this 2016 keep an eye open for it.
See all our 54" Backboards Portable Goals.

Not seeing your model or need replacement parts such as backboards and rims? Contact us and we'll see what we can do to find it.


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