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Best Barns Greenbriar 12 ft Wide by 16 to 24 Ft. Long Wood Garage Barn Kit
Best Barns Greenbriar 12 ft Wide by 16 to 24 Ft. Long Wood Garage Barn Kit

Best Barns Greenbriar 12 ft Wide by 16 to 24 Ft. Long Wood Garage Barn Kit

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Best Barn Greenbriar 12' Wood Garage Kit


This is the perfect single-car garage kit! It provides high headroom measuring 7'5". It is possible to add on to this garage kit creating plenty of room for your storage and vehicles. This is the perfect DIY kit. The framing, siding, and roof sheathing are precut. The Greenbriar exterior walls are covered with 7/16 OSB board ready for the exterior of the buyer's choice. Vinyl, stucco, or brick may be applied. The Best Barn wood garage components fit easily into place with no special tools or skills required. For extra strength to the trusses, metal hurricane truss hangers are provided to secure trusses to the exterior walls. All required hardware is included. The building is shown with optional windows, a cupola, and shutters. The garage door, roof edge, and shingles are provided by the owner. The wood floor is optional.

OPTIONAL STURDY BUILT FLOOR: Choose an optional Sturdy-Built wood floor for your new garage kit. Easy to construct and designed specifically for your building. This floor is designed for buildings incorporating an overhead garage door. A galvanized sill plate is provided with this floor system. The Sturdy-Build floor system comes standard with 3/4" plywood flooring and 2x4 treated floor joists spaced 12" o.c. The floor is supported with 4x4 treated runners. Nails are included. The material is not pre-cut. Floor sheathing is not treated.


  • OSB Exterior Sheathing: Pre-cut 7/16" to allow for the application of exterior siding of the buyer's choice.
  • Gable overhang to help protect against the elements.
  • Sturdily built truss system with 40 lbs. snow load and 90 mph wind load.
  • 10'7" overall height and 12' foundation width. (foundation length is the same as building length)
  • 7'5" wall height.
  • 24" o.c. wall studs.
  • Garage Door Opening: 8' wide by 7' high
  • Premium quality material.
  • Easy to follow instructions.
  • 7-day Technical support
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Please note that these shipments are too large for FedEx and ups and require freight delivery on a semi-truck. The freight company will call you to set up a delivery. Someone will need to be home to sign for it. The freight company will unload it for you curbside.

What am I getting?

Basically, you are getting a quality storage building including the frame, walls, roof, and hardware. Why does it not come with siding, roof shingles, and a garage door? The reason is that customers purchase the storage shed with the intention of matching their home or nearby structures or surroundings. Customers generally like to get the exact same siding that they have on their home, the same roof shingles so they match, and the garage door that matches the style of the home's garage door and the coloring.

Do I need to buy the floor?

You do not need a floor if you are putting this on existing concrete or asphalt (must be level). If you're putting it on gravel, grass, or dirt, you will definitely want the flooring to keep your items up off the dirt and to ensure that assembly goes better with everything fitting nicely.

Who assembles this?

Most customers assemble these themselves. But, as kits with the intention that customers/homeowners will put these together themselves. However, sometimes customers hire out part of the assembly or the entire assembly. For example, some customers will build everything included with the kit and then will hire out the siding and the roof shingling by contacting a local siding company and so forth. We have found that a lot of customers are able to find good pricing on assembly when they join a local Facebook classifieds group. Reaching out to a local classifieds group by explaining what you're looking for a handyman or contractor to install the storage shed generally piques interest in people to begin tagging people they know that do these construction jobs. That helps weed out the middleman and puts you in touch directly with an installer.

Assembly is not difficult, but it can be time-consuming depending on how many people you have assisting you. The instruction manual is done very well and there is free technical support with top-notch experts who can assist you.

The siding is treated with a compositor and prevents fungal decay and insect damage. The siding is manufactured with wood strands that are pressed into a resin-saturated substrate making it superior to plywood. 

The precut trusses are engineered to handle severe snow loads of 40 psf and 120 mph wind loads.  Part of the hardware includes hurricane truss hangers for added wind strength.

The Greenbriar is designed with high headroom and an 8 ft. x 7 ft. garage door opening, you purchase locally to match the style of your home, making this perfect for your vehicle, storage or work area. If purchasing a roll-up door you will need a 9? low headroom kit for the track system.

Pre-hung 9-lite walk-in door includes aluminum threshold and lockset

9-lite Door

Windowless pre-hung 6-panel steel walk-in door also includes threshold and lockset

6-panel Door


The Best Barn wood shed kit components fit easily into place with no special tools or skills required.  All required hardware is included. Roof edges and shingles are provided by the owner as most customers want to purchase that locally to match their home.


Optional Floor: If you have an already existing level foundation, cement slab, blacktop, or gravel base, the floor kit is still recommended as you do not want your siding and walls touching the ground where they can soak up water.  If you don’t purchase the floor, you’ll need some sort of wooden base or material to raise the shed off the direct ground. The floor includes treated 4x4 runners, 2 x 4's for the floor joists, and ¾” plywood.  Raising the foundation above the ground the 4 x 4's allow air to flow and eliminate moisture. All nails are included. The floor does require cutting and assembly and floor sheathing is not treated.



Optional Windows: Single-hung aluminum 18x27 windows provide light and ventilation.  The lockable frames are durable and easy to operate.  Screens limit insects, birds, leaves, etc.  The window includes raised panel vinyl shutters ready to paint.

Decorative octagonal gable windows illuminate interiors, and beautify exteriors.



Garage Kit Elevations

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