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Basketball Hoop Purchasing Guide

Posted by Administrator on 9/25/2012 to Competitive Edge Product Reviews
This post is to announce our basketball hoop buying guide that will be presented over several blog posts for the purpose of helping you decide on the best product solution for your basketball system needs. These articles will go through every detail we can think of that will affect your buying decision. We will discuss manufacturers of basketball systems, backboard size, backboard material, in ground vs. portable, wall-mounted systems, warranties, shipping, assembly, etc. Come back and visit us soon for our first buying guide articles.

Basketball Hoop Maintenance Tips

Posted by Administrator on 9/22/2012 to Competitive Edge Product Reviews
Basketball hoops have many different features that help prolong the life of the system. For instance, most basketball hoop manufacturers provide some sort of protective covering on metal parts to prevent rusting. However, there are still some things you can do to help your basketball hoop last as long as possible. Here are some suggestions. Make sure you always follow instructions and maintenance requirements set forth by the manufacturer.

80161 Lifetime Adjustable Leg Table Product Review

Posted by Administrator on 9/22/2012 to Competitive Edge Product Reviews
This Lifetime adjustable-height table was purchased by one of our employees for home use. Below is a copy of his review.

Lifetime Folding Tables Promotional and Volume Pricing

Posted by Administrator on 9/14/2012 to Competitive Edge Product Reviews
Red priced items have no volume pricing. There are some relatively infrequent times where the volume price you would have paid at the full price is lower than the red-marked promotional price. If that is the case for your purchase, let us know and we will get the price discounted appropriately.

Kodiak Canvas Tents Back In Stock in Time for Fall Camping

Posted by Administrator on 9/4/2012 to Competitive Edge Product Reviews
Several popular Kodiak Tents are back in stock, just in time for Fall Camping. These tents include one of their cabin tents, one Flex-Bow Tents, and one truck tent. Also of value to customer purchasing now, most of these tents are currently on sale. For instance, the large 10x14 canvas tent is currently about $30 cheaper. The 6133 cabin tent is also about $30 cheaper. Take advantage of these prices while they last.

Kodiak Canvas Tents - Flex Bow Vs. Cabin Tent

Posted by Administrator on 9/1/2012 to Outdoor Recreational Products
Many people have become familiar with the high-quality brand from Kodiak Tents; however, some people do not yet realize that Kodiak actually have two different tent designs. One of the tent designs, for which they are also most well known for, is the flex-bow tent. The other design is called the cabin tent. We will quickly describe both options so you understand the terminology when you are shopping.

Kodiak Tents for Burning Man Event

Posted by Administrator on 8/30/2012 to Competitive Edge Product Reviews
Kodiak tents are used frequently in the Burning Man event each year. The tents are sturdy and heavy-duty. They do well in high-wind areas and are also very breathable for great ventilation in hot temperatures. Kodiak tents are made with canvas material, which provides a durable material that holds up well to Burning Man conditions. These tents are generally delivered within 3 to 6 business days from the time of ordering until delivery; thus, your tight Burning Man schedule can be accommodated with these canvas tents. You can view these Kodiak Tents here.

Portable Folding Table Options From Lifetime Products

Posted by Administrator on 8/29/2012 to Competitive Edge Product Reviews
Lifetime Products has several tables that are easily portable. These designs include options like fold-in-half tables, carrying handles, camping tables with benches, and folding picnic tables. Each design has some overlapping uses and some specific uses. Here is a run down of these tables, with their model numbers for easy searching.

New Lifetime Bistro Chair and Table Set

Posted by Administrator on 8/16/2012 to Competitive Edge Product Reviews
Lifetime Products has just released a new product, model 60074 bistro chair and table set. This package features two folding chairs and one folding table. View further product details for this Lifetime chairs and table bistro set.

Understanding Differences Between Lifetime Folding Chair Models

Posted by Administrator on 8/13/2012 to Competitive Edge Product Reviews
Lifetime Products has several different folding chair models. Some of these chairs are merely different colors. Others, however, have different features, structures, and uses. This article will help explain these differences so you know what to look for when you are shopping.

Lifetime Chair Maintenance

Posted by Administrator on 8/13/2012 to Competitive Edge Product Reviews
Simple help for maintaining your Lifetime plastic chairs.

Adjustable Leg Table Mechanism Options

Posted by Administrator on 7/16/2012 to Competitive Edge Product Reviews
Lifetime Products, National Public Seating, and Correll all manufacture adjustable tables. These different manufacturers use a couple of different design options. These different design options provide uses for different needs. We will explore these options here.

In Ground Basketball Systems Option Comparison

Posted by Administrator on 7/7/2012 to Competitive Edge Product Reviews
When shopping for an inground basketball hoop, monitoring variations of the same, or similar, feature is important to make sure you are getting the best basketball goal for your money. We will compare several manufacturers of basketball systems in this post and hopefully help differentiate between basketball system features before you purchase.

How long does it really take to put together a Lifetime Shed?

Posted by Administrator on 6/20/2012 to Competitive Edge Product Reviews
Get the low-down on how much time a Lifetime Shed takes to assemble.

Kodiak Canvas Tents: Difference Between Deluxe and Basic

Posted by Administrator on 6/13/2012 to Competitive Edge Product Reviews
Kodiak Tents have a couple of different models for a 10x10 and 10x14 floor plan. These different models are referred to as deluxe and basic. This article will help you differentiate between the deluxe and basic models and offer suggestions as to which design might work best for you.

In Ground Basketball Systems Vs. Portable Basketball Systems

Posted by Administrator on 6/6/2012 to Competitive Edge Product Reviews
Between ordering in ground basketball systems and portable basketball systems are several important factors to consider. If over looked, you may regret your choice of basketball hoops for your home at some point down the line. This article will help you go through some of these considerations before you purchase.

Silverback Basketball Hoops Outdoor Models Breakdown

Posted by Administrator on 5/21/2012 to Competitive Edge Product Reviews
Silverback basketball systems are from the same manufacturer as Goalrilla basketball hoops. The Silverback line caters to a cheaper price range, but features many of the same general design features as the Goalrilla line. In the Silverback basketball hoop line, there are two models currently available - the B5402W and the B5400W. We will briefly explore the differences between these two basketball systems.

Assembling an Item From Lifetime Products

Posted by Administrator on 4/27/2012 to Competitive Edge Product Reviews
Some customers, among others, have reported back on their Lifetime Products item they purchased. They frequently advise us on the difficulty they experience when assembling their items. To be clear, most customers do not have any troubles with their items - a small minority do. Of that minority, the majority of those take issue with the assembly. We recently had one of our employees purchase one of the the 22127 Lifetime round picnic tables and wanted to report back on the assembly experience. Please note that while you may not be purchasing a Lifetime picnic table, the point of this is instructive and should be applicable to any of Lifetime Products models.

New Mammoth Basketball Hoop Line of Systems

Posted by Administrator on 4/25/2012 to Competitive Edge Product Reviews
Lifetime Products has redesigned the Mammoth basketball hoop line, bringing a completely updated look and feel. The purpose of this post will be to go over the differences between the old models - 98856, 98862, and 98874 - and the new models - 90179, 90180, and 90181. Let's start with the most noticeable.

72 Inch Round Table Seating Capacity Info

Posted by Administrator on 4/17/2012 to Competitive Edge Product Reviews
When you see a round table described as 72-inches round, this measurement refers to the diameter of the table top. An important determination table customers typically need to make is how many table do they need for a specific amount of people. Part of this determination, however, is subjective. For instance, you could crowd your table with people, seated shoulder touching one another and fit many more people around a table than someone who wants people to have enough space to actually move and feel comfortable. 72-inch round folding tables are one of the more tricky tables to determine seating capacity. Here are some ways to go about it.

Kodiak Canvas Tents Selection Help

Posted by Administrator on 4/13/2012 to Competitive Edge Product Reviews
Kodiak has several canvas tents with the same floor size, but considerably different prices. For the most part, these tents will be made with similar-quality components, but have some differences in layout and structure. Here are the most commonly questioned models.

Difference Between Acrylic and Glass Basketball Backboards

Posted by Administrator on 4/3/2012 to Competitive Edge Product Reviews
An ongoing question that we have not visited here on this blog before is the difference or the benefit between glass and acrylic backboards. We will try to give you a non-watered down or overly wordy, or sales intensive, explanation.

Lifetime Basketball, Shed, and Table Products Stock Status

Posted by Administrator on 3/31/2012
For some that have been coming to our website to shop during the months of March through June are likely already familiar with this post before I even write it. Items from Lifetime Products are frequently out of stock, or on a production delay, during the Spring season.

Duramax Storage Sheds Our New Vinyl and Metal Shed Line

Posted by Administrator on 3/22/2012 to Store News & Events
We are pleased to announce our new shed supplier, Duramax. Duramax sheds offer a wide range of shed sizes and functions. We will sell anything from Greenhouses to full-size garage sheds. You can see our entire line of Duramax Sheds here.

Lifetime Basketball Hoop Selection Help

Posted by Administrator on 3/10/2012 to Competitive Edge Product Reviews
The point of this post is to help in understanding the difference in some of the available basketball systems from Lifetime Products. Lifetime has basketball hoops for many different budgets. Here is break down of their introductory to mid-range basketball goals.
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