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Kodiak Lodge Stove Tent 6170 Winter Update Blog

Can the 6170 Kodiak Lodge Tent hold up for an entire fall and winter season?  Visit for weekly updates.  Post comments and ask questions and we will respond.
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New Kodiak Canvas Products Fall of 2019

New Kodiak Canvas Products Fall of 2019

Kodiak will finally be producing a tent that can accommodate a stove jack for extreme winter camping.  We have had many customers over the years ask about whether there exists a Kodiak tent with a stove option or whether they can add a stove kit to their existing tent.  Unfortunately, we have had to tell them no to both questions. Still, customers have sometimes added stove kits anyway. Generally they add them to the cabin tent that is 12' x 9' and has an attached sewn on awning that is 8' x 8.5' with an exposed floor. They would add a stove to the awning area since the ground is exposed and simply open the window and/or the door to let the heat dissipate throughout the main tent body.
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