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Know When You Can Order Basketball Backboard Replacement

Posted by Administrator on 2/19/2013 to Competitive Edge Product Reviews
You have had a wonderfully functional basketball system in your backyard for years. You have spent hours out practicing by yourself, inviting your friends and family over, and teaching your children to play. Things were going great until one afternoon, your oldest child comes in and tells you that your beloved basketball system is no more. He and his friends did not do anything wrong. They were just out shooting hoops and the backboard, quite suddenly, shattered. Hey, it happens. Backboard cannot last forever. You got a long life out of the system. Time to hang up the sneaks for good, right? No!

Indoor Arcade Basketball Games and Options

Posted by Administrator on 2/15/2013 to Competitive Edge Product Reviews
Here is some help for you when researching a purchase for an arcade basketball game for your home use. First, we will look at manufacturers of these types of games. Lifetime Products, Spalding,and Escalade Sports are the largest manufacturers of these types of systems - there are many other smaller makers as well. Of these 3 main players in this market, Spalding and Escalade Sports offer more than 1 system. Each of these manufacturers offer very similar products in quality and play. However, certain minor differences between their product offerings may sway you one way or the other. We will look at each unique portion of their systems next.
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