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Comparing Lifetime Playsets 91080 and 90240

New Packaging - Same Quality

The most common question for the 91080 double slide Lifetime playset is what is the difference between that and the original 90240? All specs for the weight and dimensions of the assembled unit are the same. The only major difference is in the dimensions and weight of the shipment. The 91080 features redesigned packaging to help reduce the length of the shipment. This shorter length serves to help reduce damage in transit, reduce the weight of the overall shipment and make it easier for the carrier to unload the product upon delivery. Please see the dimensions comparison below. All other specs are the same.

Shipping Weights and Dimensions:

90240: 112-inches L x 48-inches W x 44.75-inches H; weight: 900 lbs.

91080: 93-inches L x 48-inches W x 49.5-inches H; 856 lbs.

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