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Differences between Lifetime 60001 and 60079 storage sheds:

Lifetime Storage Shed 60001 and 60079

Both of these sheds from Lifetime Products provide a unique storage arrangements for your backyard. Whereas most Lifetime brand sheds will have a single entryway, both the 60001 and 60079 both have an entryway on the 8-foot side and the longer side - the 10-foot and 15-foot sides respectively. This type of layout allows access for larger items to be stored deeper in the shed as you will have more angles to work with to move the items in and out of the shed. So, why choose 1 or the other? Read on below.

Size Differences

The first difference to consider is the obvious one - size. The 60001 is a 10x8 shed and the 60079 is a 15x8 shed. This size difference can affect a buying decision in more than 1 way. First, the larger size for the 60079 makes the shed cost more than the 60001. Second, depending on where you are putting up the shed, a larger size can potentially cross a threshold where you may need a building permit through your local municipality. Many times, cities will have thresholds for square footage where a permit is needed and where it is not needed. Before ordering either shed, check with your local building requirements to see if a building permit is required. Third, the longer size of the 60079 can allow larger items to be angled into the shed more easily and could provide storage options for your items that the 60001 may not be able to fit, even though the overall length of the 60001 may be long enough for the item you are wanting to store.


For this comparison, there are actually more things alike than different. Both sheds come with a 90x9-inch shelf, both have 4 9.5-inch corner shelves, and both have 2 dome skylights. The difference comes with the windows. The 60001 shed has 2 long front windows on either side of the doorway on the 10-foot size. These 2 windows cannot open. This shed also has a 16.5-inch square window that can open that is typically placed on the back, though it can also be placed on the 8-foot side of the shed opposite the alternate doorway.

The 60079, with the longer size on the 15-foot side, has 2 square windows that can be opened for ventilation. With the wider, opening windows, the 60079 does not have a window on the back like the 60001.

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