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Games to Play Using Lifetime Swing Set 290704 Playground

What components the Lifetime 290704 swing set have on it?

The 290704 Lifetime swing set has some unique features in the line of Lifetime playgrounds. Like many other Lifetime swing sets, the 290704 has a clubhouse and climbing ladder to get to the deck. From here, the similarities come to an end. To get to the slide, a tunnel is laid out over the swinging stations to the platform where the slide resides. Kids get to climb up the ladder, go through the tunnel, and go down the slide from there. The clubhouse has 2 levels to and has a house-like look to it. There is also the option to climb up to the slide deck using a climbing wall with hand a footholds for your child.

Time to Head to Outer Space!

With your child, imagine the swing are the training stations preparing you both to head into outer space. Before blasting off in the rocket (the clubhouse) you must train your bodies to handle the extreme G-Forces of leaving the earth's gravitational pull by swinging up and down on the swings. From there, you will need to build up your cardio and physical strength by climbing up and down the rock climbing wall. Now, it is time for the rocket to take off. Slowly climb up the ladder and wave goodbye to friends and family before the rocket blasts off. Time for the final countdown. Imagine with your child blasting off into the sky and looking down as the earth gets smaller and smaller. You are now up in space and floating around as you get closer and closer to the moon. It's time to land on the moon and get to the lander so you can descend down to the surface of the moon. Crawl through the long tube that connects the rocket to the lander. Head on down the slide and now you are on the surface of the moon. Of course you will need to collect rock samples and cheese, but be sure to watch out for the moon people as well!

Ahoy There Matey!!

You are both part of the royal navy and are the last ship standing between a fleet of pirate ships and the Queen's castle. You spot one of the pirate ships off in the distance. Load the cannons! Watch out though! While you are loading the cannons, a skiff was approaching for behind loaded with pirates ready to board your ship. Quickly head down the escape hatch (the tunnel) to the lower deck to rally your troops. Quietly make plans with the rest of the sailors on how to retake the ship in the storage room below deck. Spread out now as you go above deck to fight off the pirates by going up the sides of the ship and the rope ladder to the top. Can you retake your ship and head off the rest of the pirate ships before they reach the castle?

Now is the time to engage in creative activities with your kids. They will learn from the creativity and love playing games with you. Do you have other games you have played on your Lifetime play set? Share your games in the comments below.

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