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How are Lifetime sheds delivered?
This delivery description is up to date as of 2023.

Appointments Are Requested by the Carrier For Most Deliveries

As carriers require a signature for these bigger deliveries, the standard shipping instructions will have the carrier reaching out to the customer to schedule a delivery appointment. This allows the customer to know when the shipment will be arriving and have help on hand to move the shipment where the customer wants it on the property. Depending on the carrier used - and sometimes even depending on the delivery terminal the shipment goes through - there may be policies in place that has the carrier bring shipments out to for delivery without an appointment being scheduled first. In this type of scenario, the customer will want to be watching the tracking status on the carrier's website to make sure they are aware and ready for a delivery to happen without a prior appointment.

Lifetime Sheds Are Almost Always Palletized and Delivered Curbside

Lifetime sheds are typically stacked in 1 or more boxes on a pallet and wrapped with plastic or otherwise connected together. Please see the picture below. In some cases, the carrier that picks up or delivers the shed may have different equipment than what can be used with a pallet, in which case the boxes may be delivered without a pallet. Since pallet movement requires specialized equipment when the shed in in transit, this can sometimes require some adaptation to complete a delivery. For instance, some pallets and shipment lengths are too long to fit on the lift gate (the part of the semi truck that lowers the shipment to the ground) so the driver may request assistance with unloading the shipment 1 box at a time from the back of the truck. This is typically easily accomplished with 2 or 3 people on hand to move each box. That said, most every Lifetime shed delivery will have the driver putting the shed on the lift gate and lowering the shipment to the ground.

Picture of Shed Delivery

How Do I Ensure a Good Delivery?

To make the delivery go as smoothly as possible, calling the carrier a day or 2 before they show the shipment will be delivered to schedule a delivery appointment will help avoid the possible problem of an unexpected delivery happening. On the day of the delivery, having at least 2 or more people capable of carrying large loads will help avoid the possible problem of the carrier not having the item palletized or being otherwise unable to get the shipment off the truck. These are large shipments that require more care and attention than your typical small parcel delivery requires. Being aware of these key differences listed here will help you better enjoy your Lifetime storage shed from delivery to assembly to use.

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