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How Well Do Lifetime Chairs Last?
Lifetime Folding Chair Construction

Lifetime Products folding chairs are made with HDPE (high-density polyethylene) plastic and a powder-coated steel folding frame. HDPE plastic is resilient plastic which is temperature tested in both hot and cold temperatures. This makes the plastic able to be used both indoors and outdoors. The powder-coating on the steel frame allows it to resist corrosion, while supporting up to 500 lbs. for the commercial Lifetime chair.

Lifetime Chair Side Image

What Part Wears Down First?

So long as the chair is used as intended and within the weight limitations shown, Lifetime chairs are very durable products. The seat and back do not fade in color. The frame does not bend out of shape any time soon. The most likely thing noticed wearing down for these chairs is the folding mechanism. Initially, the folding mechanism is stiff so that when the chair is in the folded position, it will stay there firmly. Over time, that mechanism will loosen, allowing the chair to more easily fold and unfold. The chair will typically remain completely usable when this happens, just not as stiff in its folded up position.

Warranty Coverage

All of Lifetime's commercial folding chairs will come with a 10-year factory warranty that covers most manufacturing defects. This ensures many years of use and protection for an investment. Defects due to materials or assembling problems are typically what are covered under this warranty; normal wear and tear, as well as rusting, are not. Warranty claims are handled internally at Lifetime Products. They will typically need a picture and a receipt from the initial purchase in order to get a claim completed.

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