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When the Weather Says
The Kodiak 6170 12x12 stove lodge tent is an excellent option for campers who want to explore and camp in colder climates. With a stove jack designed to fit a stovepipe, the tent allows campers to keep the interior warm and comfortable even in cold weather. This means that you can extend your camping season and explore places that you wouldn't normally be able to visit during colder months. With the ability to set up the tent in locations that would typically be too cold to enjoy, you can enjoy the great outdoors all year round.

Additionally, the Kodiak 6170 12x12 stove lodge tent is incredibly durable and sturdy, making it an ideal option for more challenging camping locations. Constructed from high-quality materials, the tent is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, includin winds, rain, and even snow. This means that you can set up car camping in more remote areas, such as mountainous regions, without having to worry about the tent being damaged by the elements.

Finally, the 6170 Kodiak tent is spacious and versatile, making it an excellent option for families and groups of friends. With a 12x12 floor space and a peak height of 7'6", there is plenty of room for multiple people to sleep comfortably. The tent also features large windows that allow for plenty of natural light and ventilation, ensuring that you can enjoy your surroundings even when you're inside the tent.

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