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Kodiak manufactures two different kinds of tent

Many people have become familiar with the high-quality brand from Kodiak Tents; however, some people do not yet realize that Kodiak actually have two different tent designs. One of the tent designs, for which they are also most well known for, is the flex-bow tent. The other design is called the cabin tent. We will quickly describe both options so you understand the terminology when you are shopping.

Kodiak Flex-Bow Tents

The flex-bow design is easy to pick out as it has the fewest poles to make up the tent frame. The flex-box is called that because of the rounded poles on either end of the tent and the flex of the poles when the tent is set up. This canvas tent, unlike the cabin tent is easily set up, typically needing only one person to do so. Timing for set up of this tent can vary from person to person, but generally, it is set up within 10 minutes, possibly much quicker.

Kodiak Cabin Tents

The cabin tent design is a little less known than the flex-bow design, but just as durable. Cabin tents from Kodiak are easily picked out due to their much more in-depth pole structure design. Cabin tents will have many more poles and a large door opening on the side of the tent. Cabin tents typically require 2 or 3 people at least to set up due to the additional poles that need to be positioned.

Flex Bow Tent Examples

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Cabin Tent Examples

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Date 11/27/2013

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