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Floor panels included with all Lifetime Sheds

I regularly get questions from customer about the flooring for Lifetime Sheds. Does the floor come with the shed? Does it support weight? What kind of structure should I have underneath the floor? The short answers are yes, yes, and something sturdy. I will address each question, one at a time.

Lifetime storage shed flooring is the same material as the rest of the walls and roof

Lifetime outdoor sheds use polyethylene plastic for the walls, roof, and floor. Polyethylene plastic provides a cheaper and more attractive design possibility than other materials. For example, vinyl sheds - as well as other kinds of resin materials - tend to crack, fade, and peel over time. This problem is due to prolonged exposure to the sun inch most cases. Polyethylene plastic on the other hand, will not do any of these things. The plastic is also UV treated, which further enhances its strength inch the sunlight. As a flooring material for the storage shed, plastic allows you to create any shape and design you desire. Because of this, Lifetime shed flooring is designed with a slip-resistant shape to ensure safety, even when wet. Now that we have a good feel for what the flooring is made of, how well does it hold up to pressure for weight on top of it.

Lifetime outdoor shed floors are not designed to bear weight

The flooring on every Lifetime shed is only 3/4 inch thick. Because of this, the flooring is not weight bearing. If extreme pressure is placed on the floor on an one part, the floor might crack. So, you must have some sort of structure underneath the floor to support any weight.

Some things are better than others to support weight on the floor

To address the final question, the floor must have something flat and something that cannot erode away. So, bumpy terrain would not be a good support and a pile of dirt would not be a good choice. Most owners of Lifetime sheds will either use a cement slab or a wood framework to support the shed. I have also personally seen a Lifetime outdoor shed supported wonderfully through the use of cinderblocks and gravel. Road base or even a gravel base may also be suitable. Before putting your shed up, you ought to consult a contractor or engineer to determine what will be best to use inch your own situation. Here is a page for more excellent info on Lifetime Shed Products. Find another great page for the Lifetime Side-Entry Shed model 6446. Check it out when you get a chance.


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