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Shed Installation and Floor Features

6405 Lifetime Shed Installation Takes a Couple PeopleIn places where higher winds are expected from time to time, Lifetime storage sheds have built-in features to help ensure your shed installation will secure the unit to the ground. The floor, in this case, is specifically designed for this purpose. On the end floor panels of the shed, there are areas in each corner that can have an anchor bolt pushed through to anchor the shed to the ground. Please note that these anchor bolts needed to anchor the shed will vary depending on the material you are anchoring the shed to, and the size of shed you are trying to anchor. Thus, these bolts are not included in the purchase of any Lifetime shed; they must be purchased from a local hardware store. So, using this feature will help you shed hold its position better in areas with strong winds.

Lifetime Storage Shed Base Requirement

The floors of Lifetime plastic sheds are 3/4-inch thick. They are not sufficiently strong to bear weight. The shed installation must be supported underneath by a rigid surface that can support the weight of the shed and the contents of the shed. Typically, the surface used by most customers is a cement slab. However, a wood frame work can also be effective for support of the shed. Another interesting option that might work in other instances is a structure of cinder blocks. In this type of design, the cinderblocks are set into the ground with an entirely level surface. The blocks can then be filled in with gravel to keep them in position and support the shed in the empty spaces of the cinder blocks. In any case, the floor is not weight-bearing and thus must have additional support.

Wall, Floor, and Roof Structure

Lifetime sheds are designed with a paneling system. Adjacent panels interlock and fasten together. This type of design allows Lifetime sheds to easily be extendable, or modular in function. All Lifetime sheds - except the 7-foot wide models and model 6413 - can be extended in 2.5 foot increments. Creating a shed at the desired lengths is simply a function of choosing a desired base model dimension and adding extension kits as necessary to get to the desired length.

Lifetime Shed Installation Videos

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