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Is your home game room space limited?

Is it time to bring some classic home games to your game room? When space is limited, it can be difficult to figure out what games to put in there and what games to leave out. Some game tables, like a regulation size table tennis game can occupy 45 or more square feet in your game room. If your total square footage for the room is 100, you have already used up about half of the available space with just one game. This guide will help you with asking yourself the right questions for your predicament.

Is one game enough?

Maybe one game is all you are needing. You want to play pool and playing pool will fill all of your home game needs. Your game room space being maxed out with the best, most beautiful billiard table gets you where you want to be. Great! Pool tables are plentiful with many options in many different prices ranges. But, what if your game room needs a bit more? Another game with small space? Enter the Multi-Game table!

What is a Multi-Game Table?

Multi-game tables have the general structure of most any game tables, but with interchangeable tops and sometimes interchangeable structures as well. This is accomplished most frequently by providing the customer with a table top that be removed or added to with another game table top as needed. So, a single table could have a billiard top and a table tennis top, a foosball table could have billiard top, or a single table could have all 3 or even more games included with a single game table.

Why get a table with more than one game contained?

A group of kids need not ever get bored with a single game. Had enough foosball? Change the top and start playing some air hockey. Tired of air hockey? Change the top and switch to table tennis. Some games even include top that build up into an arcade basketball game. Some many possibilities are out there from the space of just one game table.

What are the drawbacks of a Multi-Game Table?

Some games go really well together, while others do not. For instance, consider again a regulation table tennis table that measure 9-feet long and 5-feet wide. A multi-game table that features table tennis and foosball may feature a full-size foosball game, but a much smaller table tennis top. This of course allows for multiple games to be played from the same table, but the table tennis experience will be a lot different than when a regulation-sized table would be used. In addition, when multi-game tables include more than 3 games - especially games that would have varying dimensions with their regulation sizes - downgrades the overall experience of each individual game as compared to a full-sized single game of the same type. More fun with more games; but less overall fun with individual games in comparison.

Ultimately, you know your game room and game needs better than anyone. But, we have staff available to help you sort through the options to help you find just the right table for you.

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