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How to make sure your replacement Lifetime basketball backboard is compatible with your system:

We have written about this before, but figured it might be useful for a refresher course in case people get hung up on how to replace the backboard on their Lifetime basketball system. You should always verify compatibility of the backboard you are interested in before ordering the product.

Please note that if your Lifetime basketball system was made before 2007, you may only be able to get a compatible backboard from Lifetime's customer service due to the discontinued mounting brackets that were used on basketball systems from before this year.

Match manufacturer with manufacturer

Replacement Lifetime Basketball Backboard Example

First things first. If you are ordering a replacement Lifetime basketball backboard as a replacement backboard for your system, your system absolutely has to be a Lifetime basketball system. Every manufacturer has their own designs and measurements. If your system is not made by Lifetime Products, it will not work. If you have a Lifetime basketball system, please see the next step to learn about pole sizes and shapes and their relation to your choice.

Pole size and shape

Next, the mounting brackets - the four arms that attach the backboard to the main pole of the system - can change depending on the size and shape of the pole of your existing system. The shape we need for a replacement Lifetime backboard to fit is round; the size is 3.5 inches in diameter. If measuring the diameter of your pole is difficult, you can also obtain the diameter by measuring the circumference. The circumference for a 3.5 inch diameter pole is 10.99 inches. If the size and shape of your pole match up, please continue to the last step below. Please note that the now discontinued 3.5-inch square pole Lifetime used previously on certain basketball systems is also not compatible with any replacement backboard and rim combo that is currently being made.

Where is the "Y"?

Lifetime has different mounts for different systems with the same size pole. The way you can determine if your mounting bracket is correct is to look on the back of your existing backboard (assuming it is still attached to your basketball system) and look for a bracket that looks like a capital letter "Y". It is very obvious if you have it, so you should not have to look hard. If you do have that Y-bracket, then you are set. Any of the replacement Lifetime basketball backboards on our website will be compatible with your basketball system. You can change the size of the backboard if you want. You can change the quality of the backboard and rim as well. Note that when purchasing a replacement basketball backboard, the Y-bracket is not included in the purchase; you will use your same bracketing system on your current basketball goal to attach the new backboard.

The rarest of rare exceptions:

Everything in life just cannot be simple, and so it is with replacing a backboard. Even if all of the above steps check out, the age of the system might make your Y-bracket outdated. No need to worry though; it just adds one more step. In this case, if you receive your backboard and the bracket holes/size does not match up to your new backboard, simply contact Lifetime Products directly at 1-800-225-3865. Their customer service line can actually get you a replacement left and right Y-bracket so you have up-to-date parts. As the heading shows, this need is the rarest of rare exceptions, probably effecting 1 percent of Lifetime basketball backboard customers we deal with.

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