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Double Shot Arcade Basketball Game Replacement Parts

Lifetime's Double Shot arcade basketball game, model 90056, is an excellent addition to your family game room. It can provide hours of fun for adults and children. Eventually, like any product, things will start to wear out. Luckily, the 90056 has several upgraded features compared to other 2-player arcade basketball games that keep most parts going strong. Of all the parts on the system, the scorekeeper is the most likely to give out as it is the only electronic portion of the system. The scorekeeper includes the timer and the infrared sensors that track the basketball's movements. Of course, if something goes wrong within the warranty period, the parts are generally provided at no cost to the customer from Lifetime Products. If something goes wrong after the warranty period, you will be paying the cost of the replacement part. On something like the scorekeeper, you can expect to pay around $80 to Lifetime for the replacement part. A great thing about the design Lifetime has for their arcade game is the ease of replacing parts. In this posting, we will discuss replacing the scorekeeper on your Double Shot indoor game. Let's get started.

First Things First

Before you start any disassembly, make sure the system is unplugged and that you have sufficient space around the unit to get to all the parts of the system you need. Next thing, you will notice that Lifetime has diagrammed the location of each wire on the back of the replacement scorekeeper. You should also diagram the location of each wire - to the top or bottom position around the rim - to make doubly sure you install the infrared sensors in the appropriate locations (you will not want to move parts around and reattach once you have completed the project once). Now, it is time to detach the part from the backboard.

Slow and steady helps you not break things

You will find during the detaching of the scorekeeper that the more methodical you are in disassembling the easier it is to keep it undamaged.

Check out this Lifetime Double Shot basketball game video



Date 11/2/2013

The double shot is the perfect addition for kids to your game room as it is sturdy and quite durable. THe kids will love this and it will help them develop motor skills.


Date 11/29/2013

A couple of years ago, for my birthday, I got a Lifetime Double-Shot. It was definitely one of the best, if not the best birthday present I have ever received in my entire life. My name is Andrew, I’m 12 years old, and my personal best for the Lifetime Double-Shot is 144. The Lifetime Double-Shot is a very high quality product. My parents bought it used, we’ve had it for about 2-3 years, and the Double-Shot still looks practically brand new. I’m not kidding. The basketballs, are still in great condition. None of them have popped or gone significantly flat. The net, which rolls the basketballs right back down to you, is still in a good condition, albeit not as good as the rest of the system. It is starting to tear at the top a little bit, but it is still easily usable, and it has not stopped me from using the Double-Shot all the time. The frame is still in great condition, despite a few loose bolts here and there, which I’m sure could easily be fixed if I weren’t so lazy. I like to play both by myself, and with my friends and relatives. When I play by myself, I always try to beat my personal best (144). When I play against an opponent, I always have a wonderful time trying to beat them at the game. There is plenty of space for both players to play. In fact some times we pull in a third person who chucks up shots occasionally. I think the Lifetime Double-Shot is a great game for all ages and heights! My little sisters can play the game without too much difficulty, although they don’t always do so well. I also think that most heights can play the game. It can be difficult for small children, but you can always pull in a stool to help them out. That’s what I used when I was too small. However I’m a 12 year old, and I’m only 4 foot 8 inches. As most of you know, that’s very short. And as I said before, my records 144. And the secret is: practice. You play a game enough, you’re bound to get good at it. And that’s what happened to me with the Lifetime Double-Shot. I’ve use it a LOT! I’m still not bored of it, and I still get a thrill out of it any and every time I play. The Lifetime Double-Shot is AWESOME!

charles hansen

Date 11/15/2016 8:52:00 AM

You can get replacement parts by contacting 800-225-3865.

George T.

Date 11/10/2016

I'm interested in replacing the basketballs and nets for our Double-shot game. Do you have a replacement package for these items?

charles hansen

Date 11/15/2016 8:52:00 AM

You can get a new scorekeeper by calling 800-225-3865.


Date 11/14/2016

The scorekeeper B015OXV14Q


Date 3/18/2017

The counter on one side no longer works. The right side keeps score but on the left side it only registers about 10% of all baskets. How do I fix this?


Date 6/16/2017

I need a replacement hoop with the net. How much would this cost. Mine broke off and got thrown away.


Date 8/28/2017

I need a replacement hoop with the net. How much would this cost. Mine broke off. Thank you

Jerry Brooks

Date 9/18/2017

Where can I find replacement parts for indoor basketball arcade. In particular, the scorer control box on the double hoop game? Under the lights basketball by sportcraft, whom seems to out of business.


Date 5/15/2018 6:46:00 PM

need power cord

J. T. S.

Date 11/24/2017

I need to replace the basketballs. Our were lost during a recipe that move. Where can I order them and approximate cost.


Date 12/5/2017

I need replacement hoop with net, how can get this?

Steve K.

Date 1/8/2018

I need to purchase 2 replacement nets. Where can I get them?


Date 12/9/2021 4:58:08 PM

same, my nets wore out and i'm trying to replace them.

Joseph G.

Date 1/10/2018

I have had a set for several years and now donated to our church's younger youth group. It gets a tremendous amount of use and the cloth net for returning the balls is wearing out. Mostly its the straps at the top end on the sides and where it attaches to the backboard. Is it possible to get a new return net or do I need a whole new set?91

Leann D. Jones

Date 12/18/2018 2:04:00 PM

Did you get an answer to this? I am needing to replace the same thing and don't know where to look or to order from!!


Date 1/12/2018

I need a replacement hoop ours cracked and broke.


Date 1/13/2018

I bought arcade 90056 and one screw is missing (BOC). Kindly let me know how I can get it. Thanks!


Date 2/4/2018

I need to replace the canvas and netting that holds the basketballs. I could also use some new basketballs as well. Thanks!

Antonio Morrison

Date 2/12/2018

Where can I find replacement parts for indoor basketball arcade. In particular, the scorer control box on the double hoop game? Under the lights basketball by sportcraft, whom seems to out of business.

james cooley

Date 1/28/2022 8:32:17 AM

need to replace counter inside hoop plastic

Charley Hansen

Date 2/27/2018 8:28:00 AM

You should be able to obtain that from calling 800-225-3865. Feel free to contact us with any other questions.

Bob cook

Date 4/2/2018

I purchased the Lifetime Double Shot in September 2012. The horn no longer works on the scoreboard. It does not give me a SKU number on my order. Can you tell me what I need and is It not a chore to replace?


Date 8/28/2018 7:40:00 AM

Please contact 800-225-3865 and they will be able to assist you with that.

Juan R. L.

Date 8/14/2018

Im looking to buy a rim from the lifetime double shot arcade game. I purchased the lifetime double shot from a friend that was missing a rim. I wanted to know if i can purchase just the rim.


Date 8/27/2018

hi! I'm in need of the wire that connects the power cord to the back of the scoreboard. thank you!


Date 8/28/2018 7:39:00 AM

You can get that by contacting 800-225-3865.

Joseph DeMarco

Date 11/25/2018

I need a new scoring arm inside the left rim. The unit is 25 years old and works great except for the arm.

Charley Hansen

Date 11/26/2018 9:38:00 AM

You can get that by calling 800-225-3865 I believe. They are now infrared, but they may have parts for the older ones that had a little switch arm.

Isaac Martinez

Date 12/26/2018

I need a replacement part for my double shot Arcade Hoops made by Sports Craft. My electronic score board stopped working and LED lights only blink. Part Number 1-1-27-988DS

Charley Hansen

Date 12/28/2018 10:18:00 AM

Unfortunately, they went out of business many years ago and there are no parts. I'm sorry for the bad news.

Pam Gall

Date 12/28/2018

Our Arcade Hoop collapses into a cabinet in the wall. The collapsable side rail that folds up is broke, Is there any way to purchase a new one along with two new nets and balls? My kids loved it and the grand kids would really like to play it now.

Charley Hansen

Date 12/28/2018 11:48:00 AM

Unfortunately, the manufacturer of that product went out of business around eight or nine years ago and that product is not serviceable any longer I'm sorry to say.


Date 4/24/2019

Just called to order scoring sensors and their going to send me them free I've had this game for 7 yrs. super happy with the service and the system lifetime you rock!!!

Steve Burger

Date 5/27/2019

I need to replace sensors for my lifetime BB game as it often doesn’t, record the score. How do I do this?

Charley Hansen

Date 5/29/2019 7:19:00 AM

You will want to contact 800-225-3865 for that.

Beth Gibson

Date 6/23/2019

I need a replacement for the canvas background

Charley Hansen

Date 7/1/2019 7:36:00 AM

You want to call 801-510-3983 as they do have replacement tent bodies.


Date 6/23/2019

I moved and lost one of the back poles (about 2.5 ft tall with small stopper on bottom, connects to top pole with a silver button), can I buy a single replacement pole somewhere?! Thanks for the help!


Date 8/27/2019

Hi I need to order a replacement Electronic Scorer for MD Sports Basketball set. Model 1658114. I can find where to order it. the old model number was 58102. I can't seem to find it anywhere....


Date 1/1/2020

How do I get bars number 5 and 6 for my sportcraft double shot basketball goal?


Date 1/1/2020

How do I get bars number 5 and 6 for my sportcraft double shot basketball goal?

Brad Toebe

Date 9/20/2020

How do I order the Paddle sensors for the 90056 model?


Date 9/21/2020 8:18:20 AM

You should be able to get those from 800-225-3865


Date 10/13/2020

I need the cord that goes from the scoreboard to the controller on the edge of the shooting bar. Where can I find one? Looks similar to a phone cord.


Date 10/14/2020 8:48:07 AM

You can get that by calling 800-225-3865 - it's only available as a replacement part over the phone - cannot be purchased online.


Date 1/2/2022

My son attempted to dunk over the right side and in the process bent the 90 degree tubular frame that holds the side net up, is this replaceable? Thanks much!

Customer Service

Date 1/3/2022 11:57:48 AM

It should be replaceable by calling 800-225-3865. They may need the part number and model number. Do you have the model number? If so I can provide you with a link to the owner's manual.

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