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Double Shot Arcade Basketball Game Replacement Parts

Lifetime's Double Shot arcade basketball game, model 90056, is an excellent addition to your family game room. It can provide hours of fun for adults and children. Eventually, like any product, things will start to wear out. Luckily, the 90056 has several upgraded features compared to other 2-player arcade basketball games that keep most parts going strong. Of all the parts on the system, the scorekeeper is the most likely to give out as it is the only electronic portion of the system. The scorekeeper includes the timer and the infrared sensors that track the basketball's movements. Of course, if something goes wrong within the warranty period, the parts are generally provided at no cost to the customer from Lifetime Products. If something goes wrong after the warranty period, you will be paying the cost of the replacement part. On something like the scorekeeper, you can expect to pay around $80 to Lifetime for the replacement part. A great thing about the design Lifetime has for their arcade game is the ease of replacing parts. In this posting, we will discuss replacing the scorekeeper on your Double Shot indoor game. Let's get started.

First Things First

Before you start any disassembly, make sure the system is unplugged and that you have sufficient space around the unit to get to all the parts of the system you need. Next thing, you will notice that Lifetime has diagrammed the location of each wire on the back of the replacement scorekeeper. You should also diagram the location of each wire - to the top or bottom position around the rim - to make doubly sure you install the infrared sensors in the appropriate locations (you will not want to move parts around and reattach once you have completed the project once). Now, it is time to detach the part from the backboard.

Slow and steady helps you not break things

You will find during the detaching of the scorekeeper that the more methodical you are in disassembling the easier it is to keep it undamaged.

Check out this Lifetime Double Shot basketball game video



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