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316SP Spalding Huffy Basketball  U-Turn Lift System Bracket
316SP Spalding Huffy Basketball U-Turn Lift System Bracket

316SP Spalding Huffy Basketball U-Turn Lift System Bracket

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Spalding / Huffy 316 U-turn lift system bracket made for the 4 inch square basketball pole, connects backboard to a pole or flat wall. Replaced 315.
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SKU:316SP by Spalding
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Fits Huffy, Spalding Up To 54" Boards
Easy Assembly
Adjusts from 7.5'-10'
Make Use of Your Poles

Spalding 316SP Mounting Bracket Features:

  • Connects backboard to 3.5" round pole, a 4 square pole, flat wall, or roof.
  • In order for the 316 bracket to get your rim to a regulation 10-ft height, the bracket must be installed so the bottom of the bracket is 8-ft off the ground.
  • The 316SP offers a 2.5-ft height adjustment range
  • Provides an approximate 3' of offset from pole/wall
  • Rigid and sturdy
  • Powder-coated steel
If you are mounting this to a 3.5" round pole or a 4" square pole the top of your pole needs to be at least 105" tall.  

Do you have a wall, roof, 3.5" diameter pole, or a4" square pole?  These 316 brackets mount most Spalding backboards to those surfaces.  The brackets are the best Spalding makes for these applications and they are very table using a removable rod as a crank.  When you need to adjust it, simply grab the rod from your garage, hook it in the loops, spin/crank it left or right and it will raise or lower it. It's especially convenient being adjustable as that makes it easier to reach 10' when mounting it to a roof. Non-adjustable brackets keep you at the mercy of your roof height when it comes to your rim's height.  If you need to reach 10', this allows most customers to mount it to their garage roof and simply adjust it up or down to reach the 10'.  

If you are going to purchase this item, please take a look at the compatibility chart to ensure you purchase compatible brackets with your backboard. Only select Spalding models work, please click here or on the chart below. 

UPC: 689344329703

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