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What is a vestibule wing?

A vestibule is an attachment for the awning on both the 10x10 and 10x14 Kodiak flex-bow tents. This accessory does not work any other sizes of flex-bow tent nor with the cabin tent models. The vestibule is made out of canvas, just like the rest of the tent. It attaches to the awning using grommet holes and helps to seal off the long side of the awning as well as part of the shorter sides of the awning.

1604 Kodiak Vestibule Wing

What does it do?

There are a few reasons to look to add this item to your tent. A vestibule wing can provide shade, an area outside the tent for gear storage, and privacy for the doorway area. While you can attach the vestibule right away to the awning of the tent using the grommet holes available on the tent, in order to get the tightest fit - including on the shorter sides of the awning - you will need to add additional grommets to the awning. You can learn how that is done here.

What does it not do?

The vestibule wing does not completely seal off the awning area. This means it will not be a sitting area that will block out bugs or block out rain or snow. The use of the vestibule is simply to give you a little more enclosed area outside of the tent for the purposes stated above.

Who typically buys the vestibule?

That is somewhat difficult to answer. If someone thinks they have a good use for it, they typically buy it. Sometimes, vestibules are purchased after the person has owned the tent for a while and wants to add a feature to the tent. That said, you can frequently get discounts on the vestibule when ordering the tent you are wanting. Please contact us with any questions.

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