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PowerSystems Strength Band
PowerSystems Strength Band

PowerSystems Strength Band

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Power Systems Strength Bands for rehabilitation training, resistance exercises and assistance exercises.
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7 Resistance Levels
Great for Resistance Exercises
Great for Rehabilitation Training
Great for Assistance Exercises

Best Seller! Add resistance to standard strength-building exercises, like chest presses and squats. Offset body weight for pull-ups and tricep dips. Bands are also an excellent tool for increasing flexibility and range of motion. Available in seven resistance levels: extra light, light, medium, heavy, extra heavy, ultra heavy, and super heavy. Each closed loop band is 41 inches long and is made from seamless latex rubber designed to resist breakage. The width and weight of the band depend on the resistance. Contains Latex.


  • Cost-effective and space-saving all-body exercise tool
  • Sturdy, seamless latex
  • Great for partner workouts

Which Band Should I Choose?

  • Dynamic mobility or rehab exercises - need a lighter band that will give or flex with the body, Extra Light or Light
  • Resistance exercises- connecting yourself to a rig or a partner, Medium, Heavy or Extra Heavy
  • Assistance exercises -assisted pull up,  work from heaviest resistance down, as you get stronger you can use a lighter band, Super Heavy or Ultra Heavy

Band Resistance Breakdown:

  • Extra Light, Orange: 1/4" W, provides 2-6 lbs. of resistance.
  • Light, Red: 1/2" W, provides 5-25 lbs. of resistance.
  • Medium, Black: 1" W, provides 10-35 lbs. of resistance.
  • Heavy, Purple: 1 1/8" W, provides 30-50 lbs. of resistance.
  • Extra Heavy, Green: 1 3/4" W, provides 65-85 lbs. of resistance.
  • Ultra Heavy, Blue: 2 1/2" W, provides 80-100 lbs. of resistance.
  • Super Heavy, Black: 4" W, provides up to 200 lbs. of resistance.
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