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How do you determine whether your existing brackets work with your Spalding board?  Take a look at this chart below to determine if they work or not.  Please note that Lifetime, Porter, Gared, and Goalsetter brackets do not work with any Spalding or Huffy Backboard.  You must stay within the same brand. 

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Complete Spalding/Huffy Chart of Compatible Backboards and Brackets

Wall, Pole, Roof Fixed (8406SR)
Wall, Pole, or Roof Adjustable (8839s)
Complete Pole Kit (88300S)
Wall or Pole Adjustable (316)
54" Acrylic 79564
52" Acrylic 79307
50" Poly-Carbonate 79349
50" Acrylic 79355
44" Poly-Carbonate 79351
48" Poly-Carbonate 79354
48" Plastic Composite 80348
44" Plastic Composite 80318
44" Plastic Composite 80602

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