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Adjustable Leg Table Manufacturers

Lifetime Products, National Public Seating, and Correll all manufacture adjustable tables. These different manufacturers use a couple of different design options. These different design options provide uses for different needs. We will explore these options here.

Lifetime Products and National Public Seating

Lifetime Products has a traditional pushpin design. Simply engage the pin triggers on either side of the table legs and either pull up or push down on the table top to change the leg lengths. When the tabletop height can be locked in, the push pins will pop out in a locked mechanism. National Public Seating uses a similar mechanism. Simply engage the push pins and slide the legs longer or shorter as needed.


Correll, inc. uses a screw-locking mechanism to change the height of many of their adjustable tables. This design is a little more cumbersome than simple push pins; however, their mechanism allows for a larger quantity of height settings. For instance, the Lifetime and National Public Seating design typically provide 3 height settings ranging from 22 inches and 36 inches. The Correll design has 11 settings ranging from 22 inches to 32 inches in 1-inch increments. Thus, both designs have their advantages and disadvantages.

Lifetime Adjustable Table Examples

Lifetime Folding Tables - 80161 Almond 4 ft. Adjustable Height Table

Lifetime folding tables model 80161 features adjustable-height legs and a 4-foot x 2-foot almond-colored table top. The table top height can be adjusted to 22 inches, 29 inches, and 36 inches. Order your Lifetime adjustable-height tables here.

Lifetime Adjustable-Height Folding Table 22920 Almond 6 ft. Top

Lifetime 22920 6 ft Tall Folding Height Adjustable Table Base with a 72 in x 30 in Almond Molded Top, 1.125 in Round Bronze Hammer Tone Frame.

National Public Seating Adjustable Table

Folding Tables - NPS Adjustable Leg Table BTA-3072 - 30 x 72 inch Top

NPS Color Height Adjustable Leg Table - Folding 6 Ft Resin Table. Adjusts in 1 In increments and smooth enough for writing.

Correll Adjustable Table Examples

Adjustable Table - Correll CFA2448M 4 Foot 24x48 Melamine Folding Table

CFA2448M Correll 4 Foot Adjustable Folding Wooden Table with a 48x24 inch Melamine Top and Steel Folding Frame. Order your Correll folding tables here.

Correll Adjustable-Height Folding Table RA2448 24 in. x 48 in. Top

Correll RA2448 R-Series adjustable-height folding table. This 24 x 48 inch table adjusts in height from 22 inches to 32 inches in 1-inch increments. This table comes in mocha granite or gray granite.

Check Out This Lifetime Adjustable Height Table Video



Date 11/27/2013

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