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Lifetime Table Packaging Structure

Lifetime folding tables have several different packaging structures that you ought to consider when purchasing these products. Many times, these purchases are for 2 or more tables; other times they are 50 or more. We will discuss different things to consider when purchasing these tables in volume. Also, we will take a look at purchasing Lifetime tables in quantities of 1. Lastly, we will take a look at getting the best prices for tables in any quantity. Let's take a look.

What to look for when purchasing small volumes of Lifetime Folding Tables

If you have ever looked to purchase certain models of Lifetime tables in quantities of 1 to 3, you were probably greeted with either unusually high per product pricing, or extremely high shipping rates, depending on the site you visited. To help you understand what a merchant is looking at, let's start with the longest table Lifetime Products makes, the 8-foot rectangular model. The 8-foot table is the perfect example of the troubles with ordering in small quantities because this size of solid-top rectangular table will have to ship with an LTL freight carrier. LTL freight carrier, as opposed to small parcel carriers (think FedEx and UPS), have minimum shipment charges and rarely has any pricing difference based on the weight the package. They assume that the most limiting factor of any shipments their semis will carry will not be based on weight, but dimensional space. So, a 8-foot table might cost a merchant under $100 from the manufacturer, but the cost of shipping that one table will typically be no less that $130. So, most websites will sell that 22980 model table from Lifetime for anywhere from $150 to $250 to remain profitable. This pricing can be anywhere from 2 to 3 times the cost per table when ordering in volumes of 4 or more tables. Fortunately, there is some help. Lifetime Products makes most of their tables in solid tops and fold-in-half models. What some people miss here is that they assume that there will be severe compromises in table stability when the table top folds in half, but the difference is likely negligible for most people. For instance, Lifetime makes the 22980, an 8-foot table with a solid top, and the 80175, an 8-foot table with a fold-in-half top. The weight capacity of the 22980 is a very sturdy 2,000 lbs. With the 80175, the published weight capacity is the exact same, 2,000 lbs. Now, to the crucial benefit for the fold-in-half table. This table ships folded in half in the box, and thus can ship via a small parcel carrier. Immediately, the price of shipping 1 table is dropped anywhere from 50 to 75 percent. So, with the fold-in-half table ordered in small quantities, you save a considerable amount of money with no difference in table strength. For Lifetime tables, they will have fold in half models for their 4-foot, 5-foot, 6-foot, and 8-foot rectangular tables and for their 46-inch and 60-inch round tables. If fold in half is fine for your needs, look there before ordering a single solid top table that could cost you much more money.Product ExamplesLifetime Table 2980 22980 White Granite 8 Ft Top with Folding Frame - 1 PackLifetime tables 22980. Order your white granite, plastic 8-foot folding tables here and get volume discounts. Lifetime Products 80175 8 ft Almond Fold in Half Folding Table - 1 PackFold in Half Table from Lifetime Products. The 80075 Almond folding tables are perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

What to look for when purchasing high volumes of Lifetime Folding Tables

Lifetime tables have several packaging options. For nearly all models of tables, they will offer single packs, 4 packs, and a pallet package. Thus, when ordering higher volumes of Lifetime tables, you should consider ordering the largest package(s) to get you to your desired quantity. For example, let's say you needed 16 60-inch, solid top round folding tables. The way to get the cheapest price per table would be to order models 2970 - a 12 pack - and 42970 - a 4 pack- as opposed to ordering 16 qty. 22970 singles, which could cost you as much as $2900, or 4 qty. 42970 4 packs, which could cost you as much as $2500. Ordering the larger packages for this quantity of 60-inch round tables can save you anywhere from $400 to $1100. This is true of all other table packages from Lifetime Products. Here is why. Lifetime encourages high-volume purchases in two ways. 1, the per table price in the 4 packs and pallet packs is cheaper than the single table price; and 2, the price per table to ship larger volumes is much cheaper than 1 table. As mentioned earlier, if the table you are ordering is a single 8 foot table, the shipping cost to the merchant, at a minimum, is typically $130. However, if you ship two 8-foot tables to the same address, the shipping cost to the merchant likely does not go any higher; if it does go higher, it is by very little. So, two tables will likely ship for $150 or cheaper. 3 tables will likely ship for $175 or cheaper. Are you seeing the savings add up in per table shipping cost. So, when you get to a 4 pack, or a pallet pack, the cost to the merchant is much lower; to stay competitive, most merchants will then pass those savings on to the customer in very high discounts. To sum up, the key to getting the best pricing on your Lifetime tables is to purchase fold-in-half models when suitable for small quantity purchases, and order the largest packages possible to get you the appropriate quantity for large quantity purchases.Product ExamplesLifetime Round Tables 2970 White Granite Plastic Folding Unit 60 in. Top 12 Pack 12 PACK (FREE SHIPPING) 2970 Lifetime Round Folding Tables 60 inches White Granite Molded Top, 1.125 in diameter Gray Hammer Tone Folding Frame. Very sturdy steel frame with a high density polyethylene plastic top. Lifetime Round Folding Tables 42970 White Granite 60 in. Top 4 Pack Lifetime Round Folding Tables with white granite table top and folding frame. Quantity - 4 Large Round Dining Tables. Get a shipping discount when ordering 42970 Round Tables. Lifetime Tables - Plastic Round Folding Table 22970 60 inch White Granite Top - Gray Steel Frame - 1 Pack Lifetime tables model 22970 60-inch round top for sale with quick shipping. Order Lifetime round folding tables model 22970 with 60-inch plastic top here. Check out this Lifetime Fold in Half Table



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