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Arcade Basketball Game Hoops are Breakable

When purchasing an arcade basketball hoop, you have made an excellent decision for a product that can provide you and your family many hours of fun each day. One thing to keep in mind is that when adding electronics to just about anything, you introduce a number of new ways for the product to not work correctly or to break down. Rather than an outdoor, full-size basketball system, which typically falls victim to rust or the elements, an arcade basketball hoop almost always has the electrical parts of the system go bad before anything else. You can, however, plan ahead for this type of damage and breaking down better than most damage to an inground or portable outdoor basketball hoop.

Dealing with Defective Electronic Basketball Games

90056 Lifetime Products Double Shot Electronic Basketball Game. If your product arrives damaged, you might consider contacting the customer during whatever part of assembly you are on while assembling the unit. Many times, defective products are not obvious until you actually try to use them. The good thing is that electronics are less likely to be defective during assembly than other structural components. If you ordered your arcade basketball hoop from Competitive Edge Products, Inc. we can also help you replace the parts through our contacts at the manufacturer for your system. If any component goes defective before the warranty period is complete, but after 30 days from receiving the item, warranty claims are processed directly through the manufacturer.

Dealing with broken Parts on Your Arcade Basketball Game

If something becomes damaged, via abuse or otherwise, you can order just about any individual part directly from the manufacturer of the system you ordered. Individual parts are not retailed through any dealer and so can only be ordered through the manufacturer. The most efficient way to get this done is through your original assembly instructions. Hold on to those as they will save you lots of time in getting replacement parts from the manufacturer.

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Arcade basketball game pieces are quite durable, although that does not make them indestructible. It is best that children do not climb on or dunk on the arcade basketball game, It is a basketball game not a jungle gym.

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Date 11/4/2013

The lifetime infrared sensors are very effective for accurate counting. But even the most durable electronic products may eventually wear out, luckily it is easy to replace them. Just call the manufacturer and they can help set you up for a new piece.


Date 11/30/2013

Lifetime products are great accurate products, but sometimes things just don't work out. I know this for a fact as one of our Double Shots stopped working the day after we set it up. Thankfully however, the broken parts, especially the electric sensors, are easy to replace. All you have to do is call the manufacturer, and you'll be good to go again. Don't waste your time feeling ripped off. You haven't been ripped off. Just call the manufacturer and fix it so that you can use your Arcade game again.


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