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Manufacturers that make indoor arcade basketball games

Arcade Basketball Games --Lifetime 90056 Double Shot
Here is some help for you when researching a purchase for anarcade basketball game for your home use. First, we will look at manufacturers of these types of games. Lifetime Products, Spalding, and Escalade Sports are the largest manufacturers of these types of systems - there are many other smaller makers as well. Of these 3 main players in this market, Spalding and Escalade Sports offer a more than 1 system. Each of these manufacturers offer very similar products in quality and play. However, certain minor differences between their product offerings may sway you one way or the other. We will look at each unique portion of their systems next.

Lifetime Products Indoor Basketball Game

Lifetime Products makes only 1 system, model 90056. This system is a double shot game - meaning 1 or two players can play at the same time. This system has a couple of unique parts to it. First, the 90056 Double Shot uses infrared sensors to track scores. Traditional designs use plastic clickers to track scores. No one system is 100 percent accurate; but, infrared sensors tend to be more accurate tracking scores than plastic clickers. Plastic clickers will regularly get stuck in the down position when the ball goes through the net causing the unit to double or even triple count a score. Infrared sensors do not have that problem, essentially eliminating double and triple counting scores. Next difference for the 90056 is the frame of the unit. The poles used in the game frame are thicker diameter and heavier than other comparable poles from other manufacturers. The larger poles make the game more stable and more durable. Next difference, the frame at the base where the players shoot the balls is wider than other double shot game, sometimes by as much as a foot. This added space provides players more space to shoot and less bumping into one other. Lastly, the 90056 is one of the only Double Shot games to come with 7 basketballs. Other Double Shot arcade basketball games come with 5 or 6. This lower quantity of balls regularly interferes with game play when two players are playing as players fight one another to get the basketballs as they roll down the net. 7 basketballs tends to provide smoother game play, and less fighting between players.

Spalding Pop a Shot Arcade Basketball Games

Spalding currently offers two indoor arcade basketball games, a single shot and a double shot. This immediately differentiates them from Lifetime Products as sometimes you should do not want, or do not have enough space, for adouble pop a shot shot game. The single shot game provides the same game play as the double shot game, only with a smaller frame and one basketball hoop to shoot at. Their basketball games use traditional plastic clickers. Their Double Shot game tends to be less expensive than Lifetime Products.

Escalade Sports Arcade Basketball Hoops

Escalade Sports has one of the most diverse product offerings for arcade basketball games. They have single shot and double shot games. Of their double shot games they have several product qualities to choose from. Their lowest end systems would be comparable to Spalding's Double Shot Game. Their mid-range system would be most like Lifetime's 90056. They also have a high-end goal with a bulky, sturdy frame in what is called their RhinoPlay series. Theirmid-range arcade basketball hoops and high-end goals will typically use infrared sensors to track scoring. Their low-end systems will typically use the plastic clickers to track scores. Another lesser known model that some good reviews is the: Goglory arcade double shootout basketball game

Choosing the best system for you

These options for your indoor basketball arcade games provide enough variety that almost anyone can find a great system for their needs. Budget conscious purchases will probably want to take a look at Spalding and Escalade games. Quality conscious will want to look at Lifetime and Escalade Rhino Play offerings. Feel free to contact us with any questions not addressed in this post so that we can better assist you in your purchase. Check out this Lifetime Double shot video

Arcade basketball games are a lot of fun and will keep you and your family entertained for hours.

Lifetime Double Shot Vs Spalding Dual Shot Vs Harvard Shootout Vs Triumph Sports Arcade Basketball Games

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