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What to do before ordering a shed

Below is a checklist of things you should figure out before ordering a shed online or at a store. If you can answer these considerations below, then you are almost certainly ready to start shopping.

Can I build a shed where I live?

Believe it or not, where you live is not really your property. Whether you rent or own a home and property, most every property is part of a municipality in a state. If it is not in a municipality, your property is definitely in a state or district. And every state, district, and municipality will have some sort of building code you need to follow with your property. Some places are more strict than others, even going so far as to ban external structures on the property, like a shed. Others are very lenient, and could not care less what you do. The point here is to figure out what limitations or restrictions exist on your property before you order a shed.

What type of material of shed is best suited for what I need?

Sheds come in three categories of materials: metal, wood, and plastic. Before you go judging the shed based on the material alone, here is a guide below to understanding each of these materials.


When someone hears metal, many people will think of a superior or quality, or heavy duty. This, however, is not always the case. Metal can be flimsy and weak. It can also be prone to degradation via rusting. When looking at this type of material, try to get details on the metal itself. Most often the strength of the metal can be determined by its thickness or gauge. In this case, thicker is better; and a lower gauge number is better. If these numbers are not available, try to find other objective numbers that will give you an idea of, or at least a way to compare, the strengths of different metal sheds. These numbers may include a sustained wind rating or a snow load capacity. Whether you live in an area with frequent high winds or heavy snow fall or not, these numbers will provide you with an objective way to compare two different metal sheds. When compared with wood or plastic sheds, metal sheds can be stronger. Metal sheds frequently require less maintenance and last longer than wooden sheds. Due to the stronger build of many metal sheds, metal sheds frequently have larger sizes available than plastic sheds.




Date 7/18/2015

...I never gave any of these things a thought until now. I am glad that you mentioned it! Thanks for the helpful post(s).


Date 7/19/2015

These actually recently became useful for both me and a friend. One of my friends was looking to purchase a shed but was under educated and one the fence regardless. I whipped this post out and they not only went through with their purchase but they couldn't be happier! Excellent post.

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