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Lifetime Double Shot Basketball Arcade Game Review Update

After about 6 months of ownership, I figured I should give an update of this system and how it has worked out for my family. First off, my new high score on this system 170. From speaking with a couple of people who work at Lifetime Products, they know of one of their employees that claims to have scored higher than 200. I am skeptical of that; though, I must say that the time I scored 170 I still had room for improvement. Back to the topic at hand, I wanted to share some observations of this system. I figured I would talk about the basketballs, the frame of the Double Shot, and the play ability.

Double Shot Basketballs Inflate Time

Front corner view of double shot arcade basketball game with both baskets showing and several mini basketballs included showing To be honest, I am not sure how far I should inflate the basketballs used with the Double Shot. When we were first inflating them, one of the guys that was helping me to set up the arcade game said that he thought they were not supposed to be inflated all the way. I cannot vouch for that, though I think I can understand why he might think that. For instance, the more inflated the balls are, the harder the impact they are going to have with the backboard of the Double Shot. So, if you want to wear out your backboard quicker, I would expect that over inflating the basketballs will help you do just that. Therefore, the first time we inflated the balls, we left them somewhat under inflated. I must say that this caused us some grief getting use to the feel of the ball, but that uncomfortableness did not last long. The other observation with the balls is they appeared to maintain close the that original inflated status for about 2 months. While they are still usable now, after 6 months, I would not suggest waiting as long as we have to re-inflate the basketballs; they are quite mushy now. While the basketballs need a little work, the frame of the Double Shot Basketball Game appears to be in great shape.

Double Shot Arcade Basketball Game Steel Frame

The frame on this system is very rugged. To date, the frame is in great shape, with no signs of wear and tear. The only thing we noticed was that one of the bolts on the support legs came loose after about 3 months of use. We simply tightened it up again and have not had an issue since. I trust this frame should give us plenty of use for this arcade game. Which brings me to my last point, playability.

Lifetime Products Basketball Arcade Game Play Ability

In the 6 months of ownership thus far, we have had many different players use this system. While most of them have been an adult age, we have had plenty of people of different shapes and sizes. The point of me telling you this is that everyone seems to have enjoyed themselves each time they played. Unlike previous versions of the Double Shot arcade game, the 90056 has plenty of room for everyone to play. While taller players will have an advantage over shorter players, we have had adults ranging in size from 5 ft. to 6 1/2 ft. tall play and do well on this game.View YouTube Video "Lifetime double-shot arcade basketball""Solo practice on the Lifetime double-shot arcade basketball system."[amazonjs asin="B002XY4PQQ" locale="US" title="Lifetime Double-Shot Arcade Basketball System"]Product Description:ÃÆââ¬Å¡ÃâàLifetimes Double-Shot System will bring hours of fun to anyone who picks up a ball, with adjustable height from 82 and 90 inches to include everyone. Features a medium density fiberboard backboard with 2 heavy duty prostyle rims. Constructed with a 1.5" powder-coated tube steel frame, heavy duty canvass and netting, keeps balls in play area. We've included seven balls with a pump and needle for your inflation. Our electronic infra red scoring eyes keep tally with multiple games, buzzers and sound effects for excitement. A tough game to walk by, but easy to enjoy.

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Date 11/25/2013

A couple of years ago, for my birthday, I got a Lifetime Double-Shot. It was definitely one of the best, if not the best birthday present I have ever received in my entire life. My name is Andrew, I'm 12 years old, and my personal best for the Lifetime Double-Shot is 144. The Lifetime Double-Shot is a very high quality product. My parents bought it used, we've had it for about 2-3 years, and the Double-Shot still looks practically brand new. I'm not kidding. The basketballs, are still in great condition. None of them have popped or gone significantly flat. The net, which rolls the basketballs right back down to you, is still in a good condition, albeit not as good as the rest of the system. It is starting to tear at the top a little bit, but it is still easily usable, and it has not stopped me from using the Double-Shot all the time. The frame is still in great condition, despite a few loose bolts here and there, which I'm sure could easily be fixed if I weren't so lazy. I like to play both by myself, and with my friends and relatives. When I play by myself, I always try to beat my personal best (144). When I play against an opponent, I always have a wonderful time trying to beat them at the game. There is plenty of space for both players to play. In fact some times we pull in a third person who chucks up shots occasionally. I think the Lifetime Double-Shot is a great game for all ages and heights! My little sisters can play the game without too much difficulty, although they don't always do so well. I also think that most heights can play the game. It can be difficult for small children, but you can always pull in a stool to help them out. That's what I used when I was too small. However I'm a 12 year old, and I'm only 4 foot 8 inches. As most of you know, that's very short. And as I said before, my records 144. And the secret is: practice. You play a game enough, you're bound to get good at it. And that's what happened to me with the Lifetime Double-Shot. I've use it a LOT! I'm still not bored of it, and I still get a thrill out of it any and every time I play. The Lifetime Double-Shot is AWESOME!

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