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Lifetime Products who is the manufacturer and our supplier for our Lifetime sheds posted a great blog article on Shed assembly instructions and videos and instructions to assemble your shed. Who would certainly have assumed the Lifetime little homemade 'How to Build our Shed' video clip would have gotten a lot attention. This little video clip created among one of their workers and her husband published of constructing their Lifetime shed a couple of years back has greater than 111,400 page views. These homemade videos really hit home for a consumer and give you a great idea about the process of building these beautiful products. Watch this helpful video 'Considering the purchase of a Lifetime Shed?' to see how the 8 ft Lifetime shed is assembled.Lifetime consumers have actually informed them just how much they value having video clips in addition to the instructions to aid direct them via their shed assembly. We enjoy to reveal they have provided a lot more shed assembly support videos. They have actually been working on generating videos that are particular to the various shed models they produce. They have actually taken the harder components of our instruction manuals, as rated by their clients, and turned them in to detailed video clips. Customers can see these on their smart phones while out back building their shed, or see them in advance so they get an idea of just how the shed fits together. Together with these new videosand their user's manual has actually been upgraded to be much easier to adhere to. The models with the video instructions are the following: 60014, 60042, 60048, 60057, 60088, 60091, 60095. The directions have QR codes (those strange looking codes you could zap with your mobile phone), that will certainly take you right to the video clip for that certain action. They enjoy their consumer responses. Please keep feedback coming, and they will certainly deal with a lot more enhancements!" For further info also check out our website: Large Outdoor Storage Sheds



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