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Kodiak Tents and Boy Scouts
The Last Tent You'll Ever Need.

There is a reason that you see Kodiak tents at most scout camps. It is a rigid tent that lasts decades when properly maintained. Take a look at this Scouting Jamboree photograph below to see just how popular:

I am currently a leader in our recently chartered Boy Scout troop in Hyde Park, Utah. I have a 13-year-old in scouts and I (probably because we sell the tents) in charge of cleaning the tents and checking for missing parts after each scout camp or young women's camp. When choosing a tent let me help you by telling you a few stories from personal experience. As much fun as I have hanging out with the scouts at camp, earning merit badges, and sitting around the fire I have to remind myself when I'm cleaning the tents out that I am doing good service :-)

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There have been times when the young women have taken the tents to the beach at Bear Lake and rained on just before cleaning up camp. Wet sand was everywhere-really everywhere. I have to set the tents up and let them dry out. Fortunately, it's quite simple to set up the tents without a 2nd person. I let them dry for a day or even 2 days depending on how many tents there are and how busy I am. The sand drives and it's a matter of sleeping it out with a broom but taking my small Dewalt battery-powered shop vac and making it squeaky clean.

There was another time where the boys were camping at Camp Bartlett on some very dark, rich, and impossible-to-clean soil. I did not attend that camp overnight, but I did see the tents when I went out for dinner and they looked amazing. I could tell he had a very good time and had good food, because when I set the tents up there were a few (unbeknownst to the leaders I'm sure) that were not cleaned out one bit. Beef jerky wrappers, mismatched sandwich, and even some laughing taffy stuck to 2 walls at the same time caused me to sigh at least once or twice before rolling up my sleeves and getting out the garden hose. Another tent had an awesome l-shaped cut in the entrance thoughtfully created by a brand-new scout who had just purchased his very 1st pocketknife.

Why do I share this? Sometimes it just rains and sometimes our little happy camper troopers can do some serious damage if they aren't supervised. Here are some things to consider when purchasing a tent:

Go basic for the boys and deluxe for the leaders.

The boys don't need super deluxe tends to camp in. They don't even care about the tent-trust me I know. Leaders; however, really appreciate all the bells and whistles that the deluxe and super deluxe models offer. The basic model has less zippers, less windows, less gear pockets - basically less that can be abused or even vandalized. Personally, I own the super deluxe model that has 6 large windows. It allows me to really enjoy the surroundings while being able to keep an eye on the boys and I wouldn't do it any other way.

Go bigger for the boys and perhaps smaller for the leaders.

The more boys you can fit in a tent, the more fun memories and camaraderie you will have. One time we crammed 10 boys into one tent and that included their gear. They had a ball. 2 of them had cots, but the majority had sleeping pads. The size I recommend is model 6044 and it is 10' x 14'. It is very roomy and still has 2 large windows and even with the windows closed it breathes very well. Leaders, on the other hand, often preferred to tent by themselves. Many leaders will sleep in the back of the truck, trailer, or under the stars. I recommend model 6011 if you have it in your budget. It is 10' x 10' and could easily accommodate for leaders and all their gear. If you are going to be sharing tents between youth and leaders from time to time and don't want to bother with assigning tents or labeling them I recommend sticking with model 6044. Often times, leaders will purchase their own personal Kodiak tent. If that is you, be sure to give us a call and mention this article and that you are with the Boy Scouts or young women's camp and we will give you the best deal we can. Leaders generally purchase model 6041 if it is for personal, family, or scouting use. That's the model I own and for good reason. A brand-new model came out that I am very much planning on purchasing when I get permission from my spouse. That would be the swag tent. Check out this video and tell me this does not look cool! It is a one person tent that takes up very little space and keeps you protected from the elements just as well as any of the other tents.
Give the patrol leaders responsibility over your tents.

These are not the $100 Walmart specials. These are decent investments and if taken care of properly will last your youngest Boy Scout through his scouting career and through his son's scouting career. They have a lifetime warranty. Be sure to assign one person who is camping in the tent all of the responsibility when it comes to making sure every last stake is pulled from the ground, the poles are put away nicely, and the tent is never rolled up wet. If you do need to roll it up wet you will want to set it up as soon as you get back. If it is raining when you return it is a good idea to set it up in a garage covered area to allow it to dry off. If you rolled up wet and leave it wet eventually you will see mold will smell it. Contact us with any questions. We are happy to assist. Most of our employees are actually Eagle Scouts or at least heavily involved with scouting if not only to their children, because hey, this is Utah :-) Whatever your needs are we are happy to help you find a solution that works.


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