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Replacing Parts on Spalding Basketball Hoops
As with all things, basketball hoops do not last forever. Parts break down over time and lose their initial quality or become unusable altogether. Spalding basketball hoops are no different. So, when your basketball system is ready for a refresh, you need to be sure you are getting the right parts for the job.

What parts can be replaced?
Technically speaking, most any part on a basketball hoop can be replaced. Practically, however, some parts are too hard to replace, too hard to find, or too expensive to make them worth replacing. For Spalding systems, parts most likely to be easy to replace and most likely to be easily found in a retail setting would be rims, backboards, and ground sleeves. Parts like mounting brackets, height adjusters, and hardware for existing systems are harder to replace and not likely to be found in store. In these cases, you will likely need to contact Spalding directly for assistance. So long as the system is still in production, those trickier parts can typically still be ordered directly from them, but may be harder to replace. Rims and ground sleeves are likely to be the most cost effective to replace, while backboards can potentially be more expensive than it is worth to just replace the entire system. It is always good practice to price out what you are wanting to do and how much a new system will cost to see if one or the other is a better option.

How do I know I have the right parts?
There are a few ways to determine you have the right parts and one way for sure to never use to determine if you are looking at the right part. First, the best way to determine you are ordering the right part is to confirm with Spalding themselves. They can be reached at 800-558-5234 are are the most certain way to confirm you are going to order the right item. Second, another good way is to replace the exact same model number with the exact same model number. For instance, if you kept your receipt and found that you ordered the 791564 backboard and rim combo for your original setup, you will be safe to order that again as products with the same model number do not ever change sufficiently to make them incompatible with each other. Third, the last good way to determine if you are getting the right item is to confirm the part names are the same. This works particularly well with basketball rims from Spalding. For instance, if my original system had the Arena Slam basketball rim, then I would be safe to order that same rim again by name. Lastly, the one sure way to ensure you get the WRONG part almost all of the time is to base your decision off of how the part looks. Spalding makes too many basketball systems to get away with going off of looks. For instance, Spalding has a handful or rims that are retailed through stores, but many other rims that are not retailed through stores. You are likely to get an incompatible rim if you base your decision off of a rim "looking similar" to the rim you already have. This is the same for mounting brackets, backboards, and many other parts. Never buy based on how the part looks similar to a part you see online. Go back to the previous 3 methods first with contacting Spalding's customer service being the best option.


Joseph Christian A. Duro

Date 6/12/2024

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